Beyerdynamic Fox review

The Beyerdynamic Fox is a professional USB microphone that still remains affordable.

Beyerdynamic Fox
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The Beyerdynamic Fox balances pro-level features with USB functionality and beginner simplicity of use to create a true do-it-all microphone.


  • +

    Affordably priced

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    96kHz/24-bit recording

  • +

    Zero-latency monitoring

  • +

    Useful button controls


  • -

    Poor desktop stand

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The Beyerdynamic Fox is a superb example of how USB microphones are improving to a level that can actually offer a lot of the quality of XLR-toting pro-grade mics. 

Beyerdynamic Fox: Key specs

Connection: USB

Ports: USB, 3.5mm aux out

Condensers: 1

Directional patterns: Cardioid

Size: 7.3 x 2.1 x 4.1 inches

Weight: 1 lb

That means this is a microphone for beginners, in terms of ease of use, but can also be used by professionals thanks to the 24-bit 96 kHz recording quality. It manages all this while keeping the price affordable too.

Useful physical buttons, an included pop filter and zero-latency monitoring all go towards making this one of the best USB microphones out there right now.

So is this the mic for you? Read on for the full Beyerdynamic Fox review to find out.

Beyerdynamic Fox: Design and build

The Beyerdynamic Fox uses a large diaphragm, pressure-gradient condenser mic and features USB-C connectivity. You also get a 3.5mm audio jack for headphones to allow for zero-latency audio monitoring as you record.

All that is encased in a portable yet sturdy metal body with a rubberized bottom to prevent slips. All very professional quality, as you'd expect from this company.

Beyerdynamic Fox

(Image credit: Beyerdynamic)

Combine this with a decent DAW and you can be working with a pro-grade set up on a shoestring budget compared to the studio equivalent. There is even an included pop filter that clips onto the front of the mic easily, ideal if you're recording audio where the pronunciation of "f", "s" and "sh" sounds can cause abrupt jumps in the audio.

Onboard controls are decent with physical knobs to control volume and gain – allowing you to hear what you're recording over as you work. There is also a handy mute button that lights when on so you know it's working. You get a low-to-high gain switch on the rear but more about how that performs, below.

Beyerdynamic Fox

(Image credit: Beyerdynamic)

Beyerdynamic Fox: Features and performance

Simplicity is at the heart of this microphone, from those easy to use physical controls to the compact and portable form, this is ideal for those on the move or anyone who wants to get started with high-quality recording. The large diaphragm, pressure-gradient condenser mic is super forgiving and will grab sound from a wide area to the side and in front of the mic, making it ideal for podcasters. Combine this with the best audio editing software and you can get a super professional audio finish.

The low-to-high gain switch on the back is a nice idea, allowing you to move closer or further away and have the mic be more or less sensitive to suit. In reality, the low was too quiet and the high was a big jump, all meaning more effort to sort that range when editing afterwards. So in reality it wasn't that helpful if you intend to switch between the two, mid-recording.

The 24-bit/96kHz recording quality is great for having plenty to play with when editing. However, it does mean large audio files so if you don't need all that extra data it may mean using up more space than you perhaps need. That said, this can be helpful for newbs as when a mistake happens this can allow you the bandwidth to fix it afterwards – a feature useful for pros too.

The USB cable is bright orange. This looks great but if you're travelling, it also makes it easy to find quickly in a travel bag. It's an example of attention to detail that shines through in this microphone.

Beyerdynamic Fox: Price

The Beyerdynamic Fox is super affordable for the quality you get. At the time of publishing, it was priced at around the $129 mark, despite performing at the level of many microphones priced at more than double that amount.

You can pick the Beyerdynamic Fox up from Amazon, Beyerdynamic, Walmart and more.

Beyerdynamic Fox

(Image credit: Beyerdynamic)

Should I buy the Beyerdynamic Fox?

The Beyerdynamic Fox is a great USB microphone for beginners as well as those with basic professional needs. Essentially, this is one of the most high-quality microphones that gives the ease of USB connectivity. If you go XLR, you can pay more and get even higher quality but for the needs of most, this will suffice. This is great for podcasters, vloggers and gamers. For any other needs you may want to look for a mic that offers more than cardioid recording.

It's a premium USB microphone that offers top-quality audio at a cheaper-than-most price. Quality is not scrimped on despite the saving that can be made, making this ideal for beginners and professionals that want simplicity alike.

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