Best cordless lawn mower 2024: battery-powered lawn mowers for your yard, ranked and reviewed

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The best cordless lawn mowers can save you time and energy because they are so easy to use and can speed up your mowing time. 

When you're in the market to buy one of the best lawn mowers, a cordless lawn mower can be a fantastic option because they don't generate much noise, you're not tethered by a power cord and they're regarded eco-friendly due to not burning any gas. 

In this guide we've tested some of the bestselling battery powered lawn mowers from big brands you know and trust, including John Deere, EGO, Husqvarna and Segway. Our reviewers have used them in their own yards for a minimum of four weeks, putting them through their paces. The things we take note of is the ease of assembly, cutting performance and the battery runtime and charge time.

We've checked the mowers against the spec including deck size, cutting height, and drive type. Read on to find out which five mowers that we tried and tested for made the cut then, head to our best electric lawn mowers guide if you learn that recharging a battery will be too much admin.

The quick list

If you are short on time and want an overview of the best cordless lawn mowers, you can jump to our quick list below. Or keep scrolling to read our detailed reviews.

The best cordless lawn mowers we recommend in 2024

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The best overall (& the best battery powered ride-on mower)

Phenomenal high tech mower that is a dream to use and maintain


Model no: Z370R ZTrak
Cutting width: 42 or 48 inches
Maximum cutting speed: 7mph
Dimensions: 75.4 x 50.4 x 43.3 in
Cutting heights: 11; 1.25-4.5 in
Rear and front wheel: 11 inches, 18 inches
Lawn size: 2 acres

Reasons to buy

You have slopes and obstacles in your yard
You like low maintance 
You want to get your large yard cut quickly

Reasons to avoid

Your yard is buffer than 2 acres
You are on a budget
You want to avoid replacing the battery
Buy it if

✅ You have a yard with slopes or obstacles: as a zero-turn riding mower, it's easy to maneuver around and cut closer to trees, garden furniture and flower beds. It's also great on slopes up to 13 degrees.
✅ You like low maintenance: because this John Deere mower is battery powered, it doesn't need gas or a spark plug so it's easy to maintain. It doesn't have a belt that needs replacing, and you won't need to oil it.
✅ You want to get the job done quickly: with a max. speed of 7mph (fast even among gas-powered riding mowers) the 42 or 48-inch deck means you have a wider cut, and a shorter mow time. The zero-turn feature means you can do sharper turns to speed up the job.

Don't buy it if:

❌ Your yard is bigger than 2 acres: the batteries on the Z370R ZTRak are designed to last up to 2 acres on a single charge (dependent on speed, grass thickness) so if you have a very large yard opt for the John Deere Z500 or Z700 series.
❌ You're on a budget: we'll be honest, this mower is very expensive so if you're on a budget there are a lot of riding machines you can choose instead. But you might have to compromise on features and design.
❌ You don't want to replace the battery: the mower comes with a five-year or 200-hour battery warranty, but at some point you'll need to replace it, and this can only be done at a dealership. If you don't want to spend extra on parts, you might want to opt for a cheaper machine.

The bottom line

🔎 John Deere Z370R ZTrak Electric Zero-turn Riding Lawn Mower is a phenomenal battery-powered ride-on machine that delivers on design, features and performance. It's very expensive but has a fast cutting speed and can mow up to two acres on a single charge. ★★★★★

The John Deere Z370R ZTrak Electric Zero-turn Riding Lawn Mower was tested by one of our resident lawn care experts, Alex Temblador. Alex felt that this an exceptional machine that, while very expensive, is incredibly well-designed and offers precision cutting in comfort which is one of the many reasons why it has claimed the #1 spot in this guide.

Value for money: Even compared with other riding lawn mowers, the John Deere Z370R Electric ZTrak mower is very expensive at $6,399. It does come with a long five-year or 200-hour battery warranty, which means you can get the battery replaced within that timeframe or usage. However after that it's unclear how much a replacement battery costs.

Design: This zero-turn mower is really well-designed and has the battery built into the machine so you can confidently spray clean it without causing damage. It comes with either a 42 or 48" deck, which is ideal for mowing medium to large gardens. You can even charge your phone while you're mowing using the USB-C port. It's comfortable, has a fast cutting speed and can accommodate a yard of up to two acres. It comes with multiple modes and can mow on slopes, although John Deere suggest only doing this on inclines of up to 13 degrees.

Performance: The Z370R Electric ZTrak is so intuitive, Alex didn't even look at the instructions before she tested it! Considering it's such a beast, the noise level isn't too bad - 70-75 dB without the blades, and 80-91 dB when the blades were on. With zero-turn capability, it offers precision mowing and navigates slopes and obstacles well. The handles are a little over-sensitive, but overall it performs superbly.

Maintenance: There is very little maintenance needed on the Z370R ZTrak as it is battery-powered. John Deere suggests cleaning the mower deck with the washout port after every use, and we'd add blowing the debris and grass off with a blower, too. If the battery goes wrong, you have to contact a John Deere dealership as you can't fix it on your own.

Ideal for: This machine is ideal for people with medium-to-large yards, a big budget and anyone short on time who wants to take all the stress and effort out of cutting grass.

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Test results
PriceVery pricey, from a reputable brand. Sold at John Deere dealerships.★★★★
DesignBattery powered, zero-turn ride on mower with great features and comfortable seat.★★★★★
PerformanceFast cutting speed at 7mph, easy turns and can accommodate slopes.★★★★★

The best cordless lawn mower for large yards

An impressive machine that can be used as a push-along or self-propelled mower


Model no: LM2135SP
Cutting width: 20 inches
Maximum cutting speed: 0.9 MPH – 3.1 mph
Dimensions: 66 x 39 x 17in
Cutting heights: 1.5 - 4in
Lawn size: Medium

Reasons to buy

Excellent cutting performance
Quick and easy to assemble
Easy to store

Reasons to avoid

Self-propelled needs getting used to
Quite heavy
Noisy when charging
Buy it if

✅ You need a lawn mower with minimal assembly: The EGO Power+ LM2135SP 21-Inch Select Cut Lawn Mower comes ready assembled apart from the 70L collection bag that needs attaching.
✅ You are short on space: This mower can be folded so it takes up very little space when stored.
✅ You have a sloping yard: The self propelled mower makes mowing easier as it takes the effort out of having to push the machine up a hill.

Don't buy it if:

❌ You need a lightweight mower: The EGO Power+ LM2135SP 21-inch Select Cut Lawn Mower comes in fairly heavy at 28.9kg, which is lot to move if you're not a fan of self-propelling.
❌ You need longer than 60-minute runtime: If it takes longer than an hour to mow your lawn, you might want to consider a riding lawn mower instead.
❌ You have a small yard: The EGO Power+ LM2135SP is quite big so it's a bit excessive for smaller yards. It's ideally suited for gardens over 200 sq. m.

The bottom line

🔎 The EGO Power+ LM2135SP is a well designed machine that can be used as a self propelled or a push mower. Battery powered, well designed and easy to fold away and store, it's ideal for large yards. Although it's quite heavy and it takes a while to get used to the self propelled feature. ★★★★

Our editor, Jen, took this one - the EGO Power+ LM2135SP 21-Inch Select Cut Lawn Mower - for a spin around her backyard. It is a cordless, zero emissions, quiet machine that cuts grass superbly. While it's expensive, the battery makes up a lot of the high price. It also has a space-saving design, 3-in-1 bagging, mulching and discharging capabilities and LED highlights in case you like mowing early or at dusk when it's cooler out.

Value for money: At $749, this is quite a high price tag for a self propelled lawn mower, especially when many of the EGO lawn mowers that run off the same battery and deliver similar cutting performance are half the price. 

Design: The EGO Power+ LM2135SP 21-inch Select Cut Lawn Mower is a well-designed and stylish machine with in-built LED lights. It can be used as a push-along mower or you can activate the self propel technology at a push of a button.

Performance: Jen found that you can use the LM2135SP as a push-along or self-propelled mower (she preferred to just push through ease) and it's meant to cover 1000sqm on a single charge, which was found to be fairly accurate. Jen couldn't fault the cutting performance, and it's significantly quieter than a gas powered mower, but the self propelled technology is not very intuitive and the charging process is very loud.

Maintenance: The mower has an easy-fold design that makes cleaning and storage simple. It requires basic maintenance including carefully cleaning the mower blade, keeping nuts, bolts and screws tight and replacing worn or damaged parts.

Ideal for: This mower is suitable for larger yards and for people who need a 3-in-1 functionality that can bag, mulch and side discharge clippings.

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Test results
PriceAt $749 it's quite expensive for a battery powered lawn mower.★★★
DesignThis mower is well designed, comes with headlights and you can fold it away. But having to use a key to start it gets annoying.★★★★
PerformanceThe cutting performance is good but the self propel technology is not intuitive.★★★★

The best cordless lawn mower for small to medium yards

Eco-friendly and durable lawn mower ideal for small to medium-sized yards


Model no: LE-322
Cutting width: 21 inches
Maximum cutting speed: 4mph
Dimensions: 43.5” L x 24”W x 18”H (when folded for storage)
Cutting heights: 4.5 inches
Lawn size: Small to medium

Reasons to buy

Self propel system
Multiple cutting modes
Foldable, cordless design easy to store

Reasons to avoid

Shorter battery life than claimed
Can only charge one battery at a time
Buy it if

✅ You like a low-maintenance mower: The Husqvarna Lawn Xpert LE-322 is battery-powered, so maintenance is minimal. You only need to replace the filter and check the blade for sharpening / replacement once a year.
✅ You like self-propel technology: This mower comes with a self-propel system (4mph max. speed), which takes the effort out of cutting grass, especially when navigating slopes and obstacles.
✅ You want multiple cutting options: This mower has 3-in-1 bagging and the grass catcher can hold 2.3 cubic feet of grass which is a decent size. It comes with three modes: sensing, mulching and max power.

Don't buy it if:

❌ You are on a budget: The Husqvarna LE-322 is quite expensive at $849.99, which might be down to the rear-wheel drive (which makes it easier to mow), but and for this price you might expect a higher voltage battery (it's 40V).
❌ You want a faster cutting speed: The self-propel system on the Xpert has a cutting speed of 4mph, which is pretty average, but not the fastest on the market.
❌ Your yard is bigger than half an acre: If you have a yard bigger than half an acre you will need to charge the battery before you finish mowing. It claims to last 75 minutes on a single charge but we didn't find this to be the case.

The bottom line

🔎 Husqvarna Lawn Xpert LE-322 self-propelled lawn mower This is a cordless, battery-powered machine that is both durable and eco-friendly. The self-propel tech takes a lot of the effort out of mowing, but the price is quite high and the battery could be stronger and last longer. ★★★★

The Husqvarna Lawn Xpert LE-322 is another lawn mower that Alex has recently reviewed for us. It's a high-end and well-designed lawn mower that cuts grass to perfection. It's not cheap, but it comes with rear-wheel drive, self propel technology, three cutting modes and an intuitive control panel. The only downside is the battery life isn't as long as advertised (around 60 minutes for a half acre yard instead of 75m).

Price: The Husqvarna Lawn Xpert LE-322 is sold at Husqvarna and Lowe’s and is in the higher price bracket of $849.99 (similar machines tend to range in price from $300-$600). For this price you'd expert the mower to have a stronger battery (for example, 60V rather than its 40V). It would also be good if the charger had a two-port set up so you could recharge both batteries at the same time. We would expect the self-propel speed to be higher than 4mph, too. We're assuming the high price is because it's a rear-wheel drive mower.

Design This is a well-designed mower from a reputable brand, and it comes with some decent features, from the LED lighting, a self propel system and rear wheel drive, which makes it easier to mow in a straight line and around trees, and provides better traction on slopes. Alex found that when exchanging the 2.3 cu. ft. grass catcher, rear discharge chute and mulch plug it was also super easy.

Performance: The cordless Husqvarna Lawn Expert comes with a durable and efficient brushless motor, which can slice through thick grass with ease, all with zero emissions. The self propel tech works well, but Alex's arms ached from holding the brake handle and drive control buttons after a while. This a fairly quiet machine, and it does a great job at cutting though grass and weeds, as well as maneuvring around trees. The battery only lasted an hour instead of the advertised 75 minutes on a half an acre yard, but this can be affected by grass thickness, height, and different modes used.

Maintenance: Maintenance is minimal on the Husqvarna Lawn Xpert LE-322 because it is battery-powered. You will need to replace the filter and check the blades for sharpening or replacement annually, and contact a Husqvarna service dealers if you have any complex issues. Cleaning however is quite tricky, as Husqvarna warns buyers not to use water as it could seep into the battery port or engine and cause damage. Instead, to clean the deck, Alex found a hack which was to turn the lawn mower on its side after use and use a blower to remove clippings and avoid any build-up.

Ideal for: This is a decent, if pricey, cordless battery-powered self propel lawn mower that delivers on performance and design. It's ideal for small to medium sized yards, so if you need something more powerful or have a large space to mow, we recommend the EGO Power+ LM2135SP 21-Inch Select Cut Lawn Mower.

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Test results
PriceThis mower is on the pricey side but it could be because it has a rear-wheel drive that makes it easier to cut straight and around obstacles.★★★
DesignThis is a well-designed cordless machine with three modes, and self propel tech (but cutting speed could be a bit faster than 4mph).★★★★
PerformanceThe Husqvarna Xpert LE-322 performs really well and is a quiet, and efficient eco-friendly machine. It navigates inclines and obstacles well, but could have a stronger battery.★★★★

The best robot lawn mower

Outstanding, feature-rich robot mower that deserves the title of top dog


Model no: i105N (US) / i105E (UK)
Cutting width: 7.1"
Maximum cutting speed: Unknown
Dimensions: 21.5 × 15.2 × 11.2 inches
Cutting heights: 2 - 3.6"
Lawn size: 1/8 acre

Reasons to buy

Stunning mowing performance
Easy set up with no boundary wires
Simple to use app

Reasons to avoid

Carry handles are tricky to locate
Charging station must be sited on very flat ground 
Buy it if

You don't like boundary wires: Robotic lawn mowers use boundary wires for navigation, but the i105E uses an antenna instead.
You like neat, stripy lines on your lawn: Mimicking the way most people mow with a manual machine, the Segway cuts in a back and forth pattern, so you end up with neat stripes.
You have a medium-sized lawn: The i105E is designed to mow lawns up to 1/8 acre and it has plenty of on-board battery capacity to cover that size lawn.

Don't buy it if:

❌ You're on a budget: You can definitely find high performing robot lawn mowers for less, but we think the i105N is good value for money.
❌ You can't run a power cable to your lawn: The i105N's charging station needs a household electricity connection so you need to run the cable to an indoor or outdoor power outlet.
❌ You have a bumpy yard: This isn't the best robotic lawn mower for challenging inclines as it has a maximum slope tolerance of 16 degrees. 

The bottom line

🔎 Segway Navimow i105N robot lawn mower with its wire-free installation and user-friendly app is a dream to set up and use. It's not cheap but provides a stunning mowing performance. ★★★★

The Segway Navimow i105N robot lawn mower, while expensive, is great value for money thanks to its excellent grass cutting performance and remote-controlled antenna-assisted navigation. Our reviewer for this one was Pete Wise; our resident gardening expert. It is ideal for yards up to 1/8 acre and comes with a very competent app that is easy to use. For larger lawns (up to ¼ acre), there’s the heftier i110N

Value for money: This mower isn't cheap with an RRP of $999 but it comes with plenty of premium features and is one of the best battery powered robotic lawn mowers we've tested.

Design: What Pete loves about the i105E's design is the interaction between the mower and its antenna, which enables it to mow exactly where you want without having to set up a perimeter wire. This is a truly game changing feature that saves a ton of time and effort during set-up, plus it gives you more control and flexibility. The robot itself is durable and well designed, and it's also really easy to use. It's a bit tricky to pick up however, as it doesn't have any handles or grips on the outside. The carry handles are located on the underside of the robot. But be super careful when reaching for these as the mower's trio of cutting razors are also there. The two-wheel-drive design is suitable for most lawns, but is not so ideal for inclines in poor conditions.

Performance: Pete was incredibly impressed by the i105N's mowing performance - it navigated flawlessly using its wireless, antenna-assisted navigation. The only minor issue that Pete encountered is that the machine has a very low tolerance for incline, so if you want to charge it it needs to be on a suitably flat surface first.

Maintenance: The i105N is fairly low maintenance to look after and just needs some standard cleaning including brushing the underside of the machine to get rid of dry grass cuttings. Because it is IP66-weather resistant you can also rinse it with water. The blades need replacing from time to time, which is a simple job, to ensure optimal performance.

Ideal for: This mower is ideal for anyone who has a big budget, likes the idea of an antenna rather than boundary wire, enjoys using an app to control their robot mower, and has a medium sized yard.

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Test results
PriceThis model isn't cheap but we think it's great value for money thanks to its premium features.★★★★★
DesignThis smart antenna-assisted robot mower is well designed and has a user-friendly app.★★★★★
PerformanceExcellent grass cutting performance and stress-free operation.★★★★★

The best cordless lawn mower for storing

A quiet, easy to store and use self-propelling lawn mower


Model no: 21466
Cutting width: 18.8 inches
Maximum cutting speed: Up to 4mph
Dimensions: 42.1 in x 24.5 in x 17.25 in
Cutting heights: 1.0 - 4.0 in
Lawn size: Half an acre

Reasons to buy

Self propelled
Easily adjustable handle

Reasons to avoid

Leaves some grass behind
Battery takes long time to charge
Grass suction isn't as powerful as a gas mower
Buy it if

You want a quiet lawn mower: Compared with a gas mower, this battery-operated machine is extremely quiet. It's a great product for anyone who doesn't want to disturb their neighbours with noise.
You don't have much storage: With a handle that folds over the body of the lawn mower it turns into a really compact machine that doesn't take up much space when you store it in your garage or shed.
You want an easy-to-use mower: The Toro starts at a push of a button and the self propel system makes it easy to use without too much effort.

Don't buy it if:

❌ You have a large yard: If your yard takes longer than 40 minutes to mow then you'll end up with a half mowed lawn. And the battery takes a really long time to charge.
❌ You don't want to empty the bag often: The lack of suction meant that grass trailed behind the mower even though the bag wasn't totally full, so get ready to empty the bag often.
❌ You're on a budget: Compared with other battery-powered lawn mowers this is on the more expensive side, and if you're on a tight budget you can get a gas one for almost half the price.

The bottom line

🔎 Toro Flex-Force Power System 60V Max 22in Recycler Lawn Mower This self propel mower is easy to use and stow away, and despite it being on the expensive side, it's good value for money thanks to its efficient cutting performance. For medium to small yards, this battery-powered mower is a superior alternative to your gas model. It's also extremely quiet but the battery takes a long time to charge. ★★★★

Jonathan Knoder, our snow blowing and all-round yard care reviewer, tried out the Toro Flex-Force Power System mower for us. In summer; it's a lightweight, quiet and well-designed machine that has stress-free self propel technology and superb cutting performance. The lack of suction means it leaves grass trails behind even when the bag isn't completely full, so be prepared to empty it more often.

Value for money: The Toro is more expensive than your average battery operated mower, but it offers great value for money because it is so quiet, easy to use and store. 

Design: Despite weighing over 80 pounds, Jonathan (Jonny) found that Toro's self-propelled feature does a great job of taking the burden off manually pushing the lawn mower. It comes with two handle positions and you can fold the handle over the engine so it's easy to sore away. You can also adjust the wheel height, but it takes a but you'll need to consult the manual for a breakdown of the wheel height adjustment, as there aren’t any height indicators on the lawn mower. The 'recycler' cutting system creates ultra fine clippings that can be used as lawn feed, plus it comes with dual LED headlights.

Performance: On test, the Toro 60V 22in Recycler lawn mower was incredibly easy to set up and use. Jonny felt that the battery life is decent - cutting up to 1/2 an acre in about 50 minutes on a single charge (10 mins more than advertised) and it's super quiet. The only draw is it leaves some grass trails behind, which would usually indicate the bag is full but when our tester emptied it, it would only be half or two-thirds full. Jonny assumed this was because the suction on the engine wasn't as powerful as it expected. The battery also takes forever to charge, but it lasted longer than claimed.

Maintenance: Maintenance is fairly straightforward with this machine - just keep the blade sharp and clean, keep nuts, bolts and screws tight but don't over-tighten, check the grass catcher for wear or deterioration and replace any worn or damaged parts.

Ideal for: The Toro is ideal for small to medium sized yards, and for people who enjoy using a self propel machine. It's incredibly easy to use and compact to store, too.

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Test results
PriceThis is more expensive than the average battery lawn mower.★★★
DesignThe push button start and folding handle is excellent, while the wheel adjustment could be better.★★★★
PerformanceQuiet and cuts grass well but does leave some trails behind.★★★★

How to choose the best cordless lawn mower for you

If you're interested in investing in a cordless lawn mower then here are a few key criteria to look out for.

Battery: Your lawn mower's battery capacity and voltage will affect run time and cutting power. 

Runtime: This can vary depending on mower type, lawn size and terrain, so before you buy a battery powered mower make sure the capacity is enough for you to get the job done.

Charging time: For a battery mower this can range from 30 minutes for a small electric push mower, to 12 hours for a large electric riding mower. Also pay attention to what kind of power outlet you need to charge your battery.

Deck size: The size of the mower's cutting deck will determine its cutting width on each pass, so the larger the deck, the quicker you can mow your lawn. For guidance, a 30 inch deck is ideal for a smaller yard, while a 42 inch one is better suited for large gardens.

Multiple modes: Do you need a mower that tows, mulches the grass or collects leaves? Many mowers have multiple functions or you might need to buy extra attachments and accessories (sold separately) to get more out of your machine. 

How we tested the best cordless lawn mowers

How we test the best cordless lawn mowers

We tested these cordless lawn mowers for a minimum of four weeks in our reviewers' backyards. We challenged the cutting performance with long spring grass, and review how easy the mower is to set up and use.

We also take into account the battery life and runtime, as well as the charge time to ensure that we are only featuring the best battery powered lawn mowers.

We use a decibel meter to measure how noisy the mowers are, and rate the design and features. In cases where we continue using the lawn mowers, we also test for longevity and update our reviews and this guide with our key findings.

Finally, we take into consideration how easy the machine was to clean and maintain, as well as who it was best suited for.

Read more about how we test.

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