Learning Spanish Online: it's a Challenge, But...

Learning a second language can be quite a challenge. If you are not a native speaker of Spanish and you want to learn the language, you’ve come to the right place. I can assure you that if you have the proper learning techniques and attitude, communicating in Spanish the way a native speaker does is within your reach.

So, what are the easy ways to learn the Spanish language fast?

  • Get a tutor. While there are numerous websites offering Spanish tutorials, having someone to address your questions and ensure you are on the right track works best. Look on Spanish Pod to get the right tutor.
  • Have the proper materials. Choose a tool that is simple yet comprehensive and at the same time appropriate to your learning level. Learn the basics before you start the advanced levels. Radio Lingua has some really great materials.
  • Keep a dictionary. Get yourself a good Spanish-English dictionary. This will help you learn the vocabulary effectively and enable you to choose the best word for your thoughts and ideas. Remember online dictionaries are free these days. NuLengua has really great vocabulary flashcards.
  • Master the basics. This will enable you to understand and use Spanish correctly in everyday conversations. Keep in mind that mastery of the basic concepts prepares you to handle the more complex sentence and grammatical structures; not to mention that knowing the basics would minimize the difficulty you have later on with the more complex grammar. Check out the Spanish exercises on Livemocha.
  • Learn syntax and grammar. Know how these differ from your own language and keep those differences in mind. It is very helpful to know the sentence patterns (i.e. verb-object, etc. - Don't forget you can leave out the subject in Spanish). You will be surprised to know that even the more mind-boggling sentences in Spanish are actually constructed by basic sentence patterns.

Remember that even if you didn’t get a chance to learn a language at an early age, it is still doable - it is never too late.


There are ways to maximize your learning of language and we have summarized them in one word – COOL. These are things that you must know and do to get the most out of your learning.

  • Confidence. Always think that you can and don’t worry about your mistakes.
  • Objective/s. While we understand you’re interested in learning Spanish, which is probably the main reason you are reading this article, you have to be clear what your objectives and goals are in learning the language. There are many ways by which the Spanish language can be taught and your learning objectives will help you identify which teaching and learning method is the most suitable for you.
  • Open your calendar. Create a study schedule and stick to it. Learning a language requires mastery of the concepts as well as skills in usage and these are possible only when you allot time for it. Set up time with a Spanish Pod tutor now.
  • Love Spanish. Spansh is an amazing language and a very interesting one. There are many reasons to love it. You can have a lot of fun while learning the language. Honestly.

Remember to use the language whenever you can. There is no better way to enhance your learning and retain what you have learned than by putting everything into practice: practice makes perfect.

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