Microsoft Edge now makes shopping easier and has tab groups

Microsoft Edge
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Microsoft Edge has got a new update which adds tab groups and some far superior shopping features. It's all in a bid to maintain Edge's hold as one of the best web browsers out there right now.

First and foremost comes the addition of tab groups - a feature that's growing in popularity across many different web browsers including Safari on iOS 15. Simply put, the feature makes it possible to assemble collections of your tabs in one group so you can easily work your way through the myriad of tabs you keep opening and meaning to return to. 

Got a group of recipes open across your browser and they're getting in the way of your work-related tabs? Now you can simply hold the control button and choose the tabs you wish to include in a group and keep them all separate and customized with a color-coded label. It's potentially a huge time saver and something that could make you feel less stressed if you frequently have a cluttered list of tabs open.

Microsoft Edge updates keep coming

Elsewhere, Edge is also gaining some useful shopping features. The browser now gives you quick access to reviews and ratings for more than 5 million products. All you need to do is click on the blue tag within the address bar to gain access to expert reviews within seconds. You also get the average consumer star rating from various retailers too. Just right if you simply need one of the best smartphones and don't know where to begin.

Microsoft has simplified the process further by also making it easier to complete a transaction quickly. If you select a retailer's guest checkout option, you can click "Try Express Checkout" on the address bar with Edge saving all your details for future transactions to make future purchases much faster. It even tries to find any coupons that might save you some cash along the way.

Finally, Edge also now has built-in travel recommendations. If you've already looked through the best hotel booking services, your browser will go one step further. Looking up flights offers up suggestions of things to visit and do once you get there. For now though, this tool is only available in the US and only on select booking sites but we expect to see it spread elsewhere over time.

Microsoft Start has also now been fully integrated within Microsoft Edge which should be pretty useful.

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