Microsoft Start is a new way to view personalized news across all your devices

Microsoft Start is a new way to view personalized news across all your devices
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Microsoft Start is being launched as a revamped and personalized news service, and it will be available on pretty much every device possible. 

The service will be located in the News and Interests experience on the Windows 10 taskbar as well as feature as a widget in Windows 11. Alongside that, it will also be available as a mobile app for both Android and iOS, as well as accessible from the Microsoft Edge new tab page, and as a standalone website - 

Microsoft Start uses AI smarts

Starts uses Microsoft's artificial intelligence and machine learning knowledge (as well as some human curation) to create a news feed that should offer genuinely relevant information to each user. It has up-to-date information tailored to each user's interests having curated news from more than 1,000 publishers around the world. 

The AI and machine learning, well, learns too with the more you use Start, the more it figures out exactly what you're interested in. It's possible to highlight which stories or publishers you're not interested in with preferences linked to your Microsoft account so you should get the same experience wherever you use the service. 

There are also information cards for certain key topics so you can easily home in on weather, traffic, sports scores, and financial news too. In particular, we're expecting it to become one of the best new features in Windows 11 but you won't have to worry about buying a new laptop or home computer to take advantage of the new service thanks to its widespread availability. 

As explained in Microsoft's announcement, the company plans to build on its legacy that has been established by MSN and Microsoft News so neither service is going anywhere. However, the focus here is on saving users time and giving them the information they're actually interested in reading. 

The rollout starts now with interested users able to visit or download the mobile app to their smartphone as of today.  

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