Should I buy the Revolution Cooking Touchscreen Toaster R180?

Revolution InstaGLO Toaster R180 on demo at ces 2024
(Image credit: Future / Jennifer Oksien)

If you want a toaster that does more than toast your bread and bagels, then the Revolution Cooking Touchscreen Toaster R180 could be just what you have been waiting for.

I’m lucky I caught the brand. They’re at CES 2024 and were only at CES Unveiled, an evening event with a time slot of just a few hours. They have some big plans coming up over the next few months: the world's first connected toaster and a microwave with more capabilities than I have ever seen before. Right now, though, I'm going to weigh up the facts about whether or not the Revolution Cooking Touchscreen Toaster R180 is the best toaster for you.

Revolution InstaGLO Toaster R180 with accessory

The Revolution InstaGLO Toaster  R180 comes with a warming rack accessory (Image credit: Future / Jennifer Oksien)

It heats up in less than two seconds. I watched it. This is thanks to InstaGLO, a patented technology. After five years of innovation and development, InstaGLO became a groundbreaking innovation in heating technology. It uses a combination of custom alloys, engineered design, and precision controls.

The technology heats up faster than conventional elements. It also uses algorithms to optimize performance that'll allow the bread to be crispy on the outside whilst maintaining the soft inside of a slice of bread. Lovely.

The Revolution Cooking Touchscreen Toaster R180 has five settings that can be toggled through using the display screen. These are bread, bagels, pastry, waffles, and English muffins. It even comes with a warming rack, too, so essentially, you’ll be able to make your staple toastie as a sixth function.

When the toaster is not in use, then the display screen will show an analog or digital clock, along with the date, making good use of a side panel and making it easier to stay on track with the day/s.

It’s available for $349.95 from a bunch of major resellers such as Amazon, Best Buy, and Target.

Should you buy the Revolution Cooking Touchscreen Toaster R180?

Our homes are progressing to be smarter, and although the Revolution Cooking Touchscreen Toaster R180 isn’t new tech this year, I’m still impressed. It was released in 2021, and I’m in awe of it. It looks super stylish, and I like the display screen; it displays (most) things that keep my days running smoothly and saves me from looking up the date (for example) on another device.

I also personally like how it looks; I'm a fan of appliances that are modern yet have a quirk, which, in this case, is that display screen. I also really like the sound that it'll retain the fluffiness of sliced bread after toasting - I might even be tempted to buy one.

Jennifer Oksien

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