What's the Best Blank DVD Brand?

In order to make your DVD copy software useful, you need blank DVDs. They’re easy enough to find – most electronic retailers carry them. But which ones should you buy? You may be tempted to just buy the least expensive pack or spindle of discs. After all, what difference does it make? A disc is a disc, right?

It’s true that many DVD vendors buy their products from the same suppliers and just stick their own trademark on them. It’s also true that there is likely little difference between Apple and Kodak branded discs. However, it’s important to know that there are some brands that are better and some that are much worse.

When it comes to evaluating blank discs, it’s hard to nail down exactly the differences between brands. The only real way to know where a disc is from is to dig deep into what’s called the Media ID. And even if you know that, companies will often change their suppliers year to year. This is why reputation is important. Luckily, there are a few brands that have a consistent track record for selling high-quality blank DVDs.

We’ve compiled a list of the five best blank DVD brands that you can find on your local retailer’s shelf.

Verbatim – This is the brand you want to go with if it’s available where you shop. These discs are widely considered to be the best blank discs that you can buy. However, they can be a challenge to find on the shelf. It’s best to order them online or special order them to the store you prefer.

Sony – This is another outstanding brand of blank discs. This isn’t surprising since Sony has a reputation for dealing with high-quality wholesalers and manufacturers. The specific factory or vendor may change from year to year, but it’s hard to imagine that you’ll get more than a single defective disc per 100 that you buy.

TDK – This is yet another brand with few complaints and high praise. These may be a tad more expensive than the discs they sit next to on the shelf. However, given their durability and consistency, the few extra cents per disc is well worth the price.

Tayio Juden – You may have never heard of this brand or seen it in Wal-Mart’s electronics aisle. This brand is popular with users who have been burning DVDs for a very long time and remember the beginnings of the technology in the late '90s. Tayio Juden has a reputation for having extremely high-quality discs with very few defective units.

Philips – This is a name you should recognize. The discs made by Philips are heavy duty and well suited for nearly any burning task. Once burned, they should last as long as your original discs and you shouldn’t find too many duds in a spindle.

Of course, the above list is not exhaustive; there are many other brands that are worth your consideration. However, if you see any of these on a shelf next to a generic label or store brand, go with the ones that you know are worth the price tag.

Danny Chadwick

Danny Chadwick is a former Top Ten Reviews Multimedia Editor with a wealth of experience in Video Editing and Production. He specializes in all things multimedia editing, and his written on subjects ranging from video and audio editors right through to photo scanning and lawn mowers. There are few subjects Danny won't write about.