Wyzant vs TutorMe: Which learning provider is right for you?

Wyzant vs TutorMe: Which learning provider is right for you?
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Whether it's for helping kids to catch up on core subjects, to study for standardized test prep, or even teaching people a new language or instrument, online tutoring services have emerged as indispensable teaching aids. Two of our favorites, Wyzant and TutorMe, both offer live teaching across a range of subjects, with 1:1 lessons from elementary through grad school.

Both websites are priced competitively, with Wyzant offering lessons from just $10 an hour and TutorMe starting at $26 an hour, and they’re known for their flexibility: you don’t need to commit to regular sessions, but can schedule a one-off lesson whenever you need. 

Wyzant and TutorMe are both well-reviewed ed-tech platforms: the differences between them might just be the deciding factor in determining which platform is best for your requirements. We've broken down Wyzant vs TutorMe to help you choose which one is right for you.

Wyzant vs. TutorMe: Learning tools and features

Wyzant offers a flexible learning schedule for its customers, who can book into online sessions or organize to meet a tutor in person, typically in a local coffee shop or library. The 1:1 sessions on the platform use a digital whiteboard to help with teaching, and lessons are saved for the student to refer back to. Recorded sessions are available to access for 30 days after your lesson. Wyzant offers tutoring in over 275 subjects, including languages, computing, music, art and film. Wyzant also has an extensive library of online lessons that you can access for free, from learning to solve math equations to English grammar tips. 

TutorMe is well-known for its learning tools, which cater to pretty much all needs: there’s a virtual whiteboard, code editor, audio and video chat, screen sharing and a paper review Writing Lab section where students submit an essay and receive feedback within 12 hours. TutorMe promises to connect any customer with a tutor in less than 30 seconds, at any time of the day. TutorMe covers a broad range of subjects, with over 300 to choose from, however, unlike Wyzant, you won’t find tutors for practical subjects like learning a musical instrument or drawing technique. 

Which one should you choose? Wyzant and TutorMe both offer an impressive selection of subjects for 1:1 tuition, across a range of ages, from elementary to grad school. Both have interactive whiteboard features that are big draws for their flexibility and ease of use: virtual, interactive whiteboards offer an array of teaching methods for all learners. TutorMe may have a slight edge over Wyzant because of its paper-review Writing Lab feature, which gives students the option of getting help with written work without having to sign up to a tutoring session. 

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Wyzant vs. TutorMe: Tutor vetting process

The quality and breadth of tutors makes a huge difference to the success of an online tutoring site, and both Wyzant and TutorMe are known for their well-informed and engaged tutors. Wyzant tutors are all based in the US and hired after submitting a written statement detailing their qualifications in a particular subject. Wyzant will occasionally ask tutors to take proficiency tests ahead of hiring. Generally, judging by online reviews, both tutors and customers are satisfied with their experiences and the arrangement Wyzant offers. 

TutorMe is known for its elite tutors, with an "extensive" and "comprehensive" vetting process that only accepts 4% of all applicants. Those who do make the cut boast impressive resumes with degrees from Ivy League colleges as well as top North American institutions like MIT and USC (most of them are upper college students and certified teachers, and they’re primarily based in the US). In order to become a tutor with TutorMe, you need to pass various knowledge assessments and background checks; the process is stringent. Once selected, TutorMe offers training for their tutors, and they'll teach students in an impressive 40 languages.

Students are matched with tutors based on availability and subjects on both sites.

Which one should you choose? If you want in-person tuition, then Wyzant will be your top pick since TutorMe only offers online options. However, TutorMe’s extensive vetting process and commitment to getting the best-of-the-best when it comes to tutors sets this site apart when it comes to the quality of remote tuition customers can expect.

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Wyzant vs. TutorMe: Ease of use

Both of these ed-tech platforms aim to offer flexible, easy-to-use tutoring services to cater to students with a variety of learning requirements, whether someone is looking for one-off revision ahead of a test or in-depth sessions for subject mastery.

Wyzant’s set-up process is straightforward: answer a few questions about the areas you need help with, whether you’d like online or in-person tutoring, where you’re based, when you’d like to start and you’re good to go. To help find tutors that fit the bill, students can read through their profiles and message them ahead of committing to a session. You can also book multiple sessions ahead of time using the website or app to coordinate with your tutor. A visual whiteboard (which students can refer back to after the lesson) is helpful for uploading documents, screen-sharing and incorporating visualization learning tools into each session. There’s also a Good Fit Guarantee: if the first hour of your first session isn’t what you were hoping for, you’ll be refunded. Wyzant also offers a wealth of free learning resources for those with questions on math or English on its website (you don't need to book a session to access).

TutorMe also employs the interactive whiteboard interface with a range of learning tools, promising to connect learners to tutors in "under 30 seconds", no matter the time of day or night. TutorMe has students ask a question related to the area of study they need help with in order to be paired up with a suitable tutor. They can book in for individual sessions or regular, ongoing lessons. The chat box is used to organize online sessions with a tutor (you can’t pre-book a session formally on the site). In addition to live, 1:1 remote tutoring, there’s a paper review section on the site where you can submit an essay for feedback, which you’ll get back within 12 hours. TutorMe also offers test prep courses for ACT and GRE, as well as a Tutor Satisfaction Guarantee after the first session if you’re dissatisfied for any reason. 

Which one should you choose? Both of these learning platforms are known for their user-friendly interfaces and easy, on-demand set-ups: you can sign up, book a session and have your first class underway within minutes. TutorMe might have a slight edge here with its test prep course packages and Writing Lab essay section. Also, TutorMe  gets bonus points for integrating into hundreds of schools and public libraries across the United States to benefit a whole host of learners beyond those seeking private tuition. 

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Wyzant vs. TutorMe: Cost

Both of these platforms are among the more affordable tutoring solutions available, with Wyzant’s tutors starting at just $10 an hour. You can search for tutors by cost on the site (each tutor determines their own hourly rate), and some specialized subjects can be as much as $100+ an hour. Typically, sessions on Wyzant cost anywhere from $35-$65 an hour, and the site operates on a pay-as-you-go system. 

TutorMe has different pricing plans in place in addition to pay-as-you-go, which costs $1 per minute of tutoring. The cheapest monthly plan works out to $26 an hour, or $209 a month, for eight hours (plus 44 cents for each additional minute). A two-hour monthly plan is $69 a month (and 58 cents for each additional minute) and a four-hour monthly plan is $119 a month (and 50 cents for each additional minute). TutorMe offers a free trial to all new students, with 30 minutes of free lessons to use over a three-day period.

Which one should you choose? Both Wyzant and TutorMe offer tutors at a range of price points, so you should be able to find an option that works within your budget. Value for money is something you’ll likely measure after the sessions, when gauging student satisfaction, confidence and improvement in a subject. Reviews for both of these sites rate them highly on all fronts.  

Which is right for you: Wyzant or TutorMe?

Whether you choose Wyzant or TutorMe will likely come down to a few factors. If you want the option of in-person sessions and are keen to learn practical skills like how to play the piano or draw something technical, then Wyzant is the platform for you. If you have an essay you need feedback on, then TutorMe can help. 

While both Wyzant and TutorMe offer flexibility, convenience and competitive pricing, TutorMe comes out on top when it comes to tutor vetting: the process is rigorous and involves testing and background checks. If having a tutor from an elite institution is a priority, then TutorMe is a better choice for you. 

We’d also recommend checking out Wyzant before booking in your session; with many resources available online, you might just find an answer to your question for free. If you need tutoring this minute, then TutorMe is your best bet in terms of quickly pairing you to someone who can help, so you can be learning in seconds. 

If neither of these work, you can always try services like eTutorWorld or Skooli. Or, if you're looking for adult education, we have a list of the best online learning platforms.

Jennifer Barton Packer is a freelance writer and journalist, who regularly reviews online tutoring sites for Top Ten Reviews.