Let's Find The Right Office Water Services Service For You
Let's Find The Right Office Water Services Service For You

Water Delivery Services Review

Why Use Water Delivery Services?

Water delivery services ensure a steady supply of fresh drinking water without the installation of a filtration system. Most water delivery companies offer scalable options for home and business use, allowing you to receive clean drinking water in the volume you need. Options like Costco, Culligan and Fiji Water offer a selection of bottled water delivery and water coolers for homes, small offices and businesses.

Bulk water delivery to homes and offices is not only convenient but reduces how much you spend on drinking water. Also, it's an eco-friendly choice, since the water is delivered in big 3- and 5-gallon jugs. In this way, your home or office uses fewer plastic containers for water.

Water Delivery Services: What to Look For

While most companies offer similar water distillation methods, you can look for factors such as delivery area, delivery schedules, volume of water delivery, bottle type and amenities. With a variety of water delivery companies to choose from, it's important to consider how you want the water delivered, what makes the most sense in your area and specific amenities such as delivery times and water dispensers. The following features can help you choose a company to deliver you water.

Amenities such as water coolers and dispensers are important, especially if your preferred water delivery service offers 1- to 5-gallon bottles of water. Some water delivery companies provide water coolers and dispensers free with your contract, while others require you to rent or purchase them separately. Whether you want your own cooler or you want the delivery company to provide it, you can find a company with the option you need.

Water Bottle Size
Water bottles come in multiple sizes, and you can choose the option that suits your needs. Individual drinking bottles are available but not always offered by water delivery companies. Common bottle sizes include under 1 liter to upwards of 5 gallons, giving you plenty of options whether you have a water cooler or not.

Delivery Schedule Options
The frequency of water delivery may affect your use and how much you have to order at once. Some delivery companies offer once a week deliveries, others prefer to deliver once per month, once every three months or even once every six months. Choosing the delivery schedule that fits your regular water consumption is important if you want to ensure that there is plenty of drinking water available.

Available subscriptions can affect costs, how long you have to commit to one company and how many payments you can bulk together. Most water delivery companies offer one-time deliveries as well as subscriptions for one month, three months, six months and 12 months. This allows you to choose the subscription option you need based on how long you want water to be delivered. Most subscriptions offer discounts for a longer subscription period but do require you to commit to paying for that time.

While the ability to deliver water in your area is the most important thing to consider in a water delivery company, you may also have preferences for delivery schedule, water bottling type and amenities such as dispensers. Knowing what you want before you look for a company can help you with your decision.