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The Best Mac Web Design Software of 2017

The Best Website Design Software for Mac

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The Best Mac Web Design Software of 2017
Our Ranking Mac Web Design Software
1 Weebly
2 Homestead
3 Squarespace
4 Strikingly
5 Yola
6 Wix
7 GoDaddy
8 Jimdo
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Mac Web Design Software Review

Why Do You Need Mac Website Design Software?

The top performers in our review are Weebly, the Gold Award winner; Homestead, the Silver Award winner; and Squarespace, the Bronze Award winner. Here's more on choosing a service to meet your needs, along with detail on how we arrived at our ranking of the eight best Mac website creators.

Website design software for Mac has come a long way in recent years. In the past, if your business needed a website, you would have to hire a designer or enlist a friend who knew how to code with HTML and CSS. Now, if you need a website, you simply find a web design program for Mac and start building.

Because the software takes care of the coding, you focus on the look and feel that you want your website to have and enjoy the program’s easy intuitiveness that a Mac provides. These services are ongoing programs, often combined with a hosting plan and constant customer support. These easy-to-use web design software require no tech savvy to use, and many allow you to simply drag and drop items where you want them.

Why Create a Website with Mac Software

Mac web design software platforms are good for any small business that needs to establish an online presence. Many small businesses want to promote their brand, gain visitors or increase sales, via an online storefront. The top Mac web creation software you select should be accessible for users of all levels. It should be simple for new users but offer advanced tools for more experienced users.

The Mac web design tool that is best for you depends on your business needs. When searching for which Mac web design software to use, make sure to carefully evaluate your business’s needs, so you can find a software that meets those needs. For example, Wix sorts its templates by industry and business goals, which makes it easy to select the site that is best for you. Once you pick a template and have a good start and a basic structure for your website, Wix then allows you to edit and customize the template.

Most templates offered by services on our lineup are designed for small businesses. On average, each Mac web design software offers about 100 templates for you to choose from. Many have pre-built About and Contact pages, so you simply have to fill in your pertinent information. Once you have filled in these pages, you can create more pages on your site. Most services allow you to add around 100 pages per site, though some limit you to ten and some, like Yola, allow you to create an unlimited number of pages.

Top web design tools for Macs come with a blog manager, which allows you to post updates and moderate comments made by readers. Your software should offer convenient features, like an RSS feed, a free image galleries and a mobile editor, so that you can edit your website even when you are not at a desk.

What to Look for in the Best Mac Web Creation Software

The best web design app for Mac software should do most of the work for you and guide you in creating a functional and aesthetically pleasing website. These programs should be intuitive and provide a wide range of features to meet the needs of any small business and be able to grow with your business.

Each service we looked at offers different levels of plans. For our reviews, we evaluated plans designed for small and medium businesses; however, each Mac web design provider offers larger plans. This means you can simply upgrade your plan as your business grows and will not have to change Mac software providers. Read more about the criteria Top Ten Reviews used to evaluate the best website creation software below.

Designing Your Company Website
Good Mac website creation software offers “what you see is what you get" (WYSIWYG) editing. This means you can edit your website by simply dragging and dropping images, text and other multimedia where you want it on your page and the screen you are editing will have the same look and feel as the finished product your customers see.

With drag and drop editing, you should be able to easily link your pages and create internal navigation so visitors can quickly navigate to the most important information about your company or in your store. The best easy web design software for Mac providers offer step-by-step walkthroughs that you can follow when designing your website.

Marketing Your Professional Website
Creating your site is only one step in your website’s lifecycle. Once your site is created, you need to begin establishing your online brand and ensure customers can easily find your website.

Each Mac website creator on our lineup offers tools to help you market your site and monitor traffic. Each company on our lineup allows you to add meta tags to your website, which are HTML tags that contain specific information about your site. These tags help search engines find your site and accurately classify them.

Some companies also offer search engine submission, though they may charge an extra fee for this service. Other important marketing features offered by Mac web design companies are advertising credits, which allow you to create paid ads in search engines, and custom branding, which allows you to remove your hosting platform’s logos and add your own.

No matter which Mac design software you select, it is important you choose one that allows you to appropriately brand your site for the market you are in.

Hosting Your New Site
In the past, you most likely would have someone build your site and then have to find somewhere to host it. Now, most Mac design and hosting platforms are a package deal.

This means it is important to select a top Mac website creation software with solid design features as well as a decent hosting package. Every service on our lineup offers browser-based Mac design tools and a hosting package. Because every service is browser based, you can access your account and make changes from any desktop. The best Mac design platforms also offer mobile editing.

On average, each service offers 10GB of storage and a free custom domain. This means your site will be Yourbusiness.com, instead of Yourbusiness.hostingplatform.com.

Support Staff
Even though these Mac website creators are designed for users of all levels, they can sometimes be confusing. Because of website creation’s technical nature, it is important to have good help and support. You Mac software provider should provide a complete user guide and priority support. It should also provide comprehensive walkthroughs, complete tutorials and active user forums.

Making a Website: How We Tested, What We Found

To test Mac website creation, we purchased plans from each company, created a hosting account and created a new site by completing simple tasks, like selecting a template and adding images and text. For these evaluations, we selected mid-level, comparable plans from each company. These plans offered access to far more features than a starter package but still focused on keeping costs down, an important consideration for any small business owner creating a website. The companies we tested had no say in the results of our testing, nor did they receive notice about scores or ranking prior to publication.

While every company offers drag-and-drop editing, levels of usability vary. Since each company’s platform is proprietary, they differ slightly from each other. To grade these platforms, we evaluated the speed and ease of website creation, available editing options, and additional tools provided by the Mac web authoring tool to help us create the best site possible.

Drag and drop is the standard method for creating your site; however, some companies give you access to HTML and CSS so you can edit your site and have full range of customization, rather than being limited to what you can see on the page.

Not every company on our lineup offered a walkthrough feature. While not everyone needs a walkthrough, it is a useful tool for those who are new to web page design software for Mac.

While creating each site took the majority of our time, we also spent time adding meta tags, uploading our sites into search engines and adding social media integrations. We also created a blog for each site and a company landing page. We graded each Mac website design tool on how intuitive it was to complete each of these steps.

Similar Services to Site Creators
Every web design program for Mac on our lineup gives you control over your site and allows you to create your own look by customizing provided templates. However, if you have a large budget and are short on time, you may want to look into web design companies. These companies design, maintain and market your site for you.

While every company offers combined packages and a basic hosting plan, if your needs exceed these basic packages, you might want to explore our web hosting comparison.

The best web design software for Mac include a mobile builder. However, if your current site is desktop only, we recommend converting your site into one that is optimized for mobile with a mobile website builder. Many people access the internet from their smartphones and tablets, and a mobile optimized site allows you to reach these audiences. For more detailed information about creating your website, check out our articles on website builders.

Our Verdict & Recommendation on the Best Mac Web Design Software

The main reason to seek Mac website design software is that you are ready to enhance your online presence and establish your brand name. Each web design program for Mac on our lineup is simple to use, with drag-and-drop capabilities, which means you can create a professional site with a custom domain name for your company.

Our top product, Weebly, exceeds standards due to its extreme ease of use and mobile-ready site creation. Homestead also scored high in ease of use and offers exceptional help and support. Squarespace, our Bronze Award winner, is one of the few companies to offer both unlimited storage and an unlimited page allotment when creating your website. While different web design tools for Mac meet different needs, every software on our lineup offers a solid feature set to help you get your webpage up and running.