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INXPO Review

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PROS / INXPO offers a wide variety of widgets to keep your audience engaged.

CONS / This webcasting service lacks the support options many of the other services offer.

 VERDICT / Versatile and interactive, INXPO is a great webcasting platform, whether you are reaching a wide audience through a webcam-style webcast or a live event webcast; although, it does lack several features that our top-rated services offer.

INXPO webcasting service offers a versatile and high-quality do-it-yourself platform. Using this service, you can construct webcasts for company announcements, host meetings in a secure environment, offer customer training, roll out products and much more. INXPO also offers full-service assistance for large-scale events to ensure a smooth and professional webcast.

With INXPO's tools, you can generate customized invitations, prepare standard or custom registration pages, arrange for email reminders for attendees, and assemble the slides and other materials you want to present to your audience. You can easily add speakers' photos and biographies, various graphics, and videos to your presentation. There are several ways to interact with social media, including the invitation process and social media widgets for attendees to share and comment on the webinar.

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Attendees do not have to download anything to see a webcast you prepared with INXPO. They also have complete control over the look of their webcasting screen, a user-friendly property not offered by many webcasting software. You can determine ahead of time which widgets you want to include in the webinar, and the viewers can activate, position and size them according to what works best for them. INXPO offers a wide variety of widgets to make a fully interactive webcast, like chat rooms, downloads and games.

There are also widgets for those involved in the webinar itself. For example, your team of moderators and presenters can engage in a private chat during the webcast. One drawback to this webcasting service is that it only allows one streaming video at a time, so if you have multiple presenters, you need to coordinate who is sharing video.

With INXPO, you can record any webcasts for future viewing. INXPO has the unique and useful feature of keeping your place if you pause. This makes it convenient for viewers to watch a webinar in pieces over time if need be. When you save a webcast, you can also choose to have it automatically go to on-demand status. The service saves your webcast recording for up to one year.

Attendees can watch, listen to and take part in INXPO webcasts through computer monitors, laptops, tablets and smartphones, and the streaming works smoothly across all of these platforms. While you can allow attendees to phone in to the webcast, you must pay a fee to create a toll-free option. We also found that this platform has more of a learning curve than the other programs on our lineup with several more steps involved in setting up a webcast. However, the service offers live training to help you learn how to navigate the platform and use the tools.

If you decide you don't have the time to do all the work of creating webcasts yourself, INXPO provides a variety of optional extra services. You can get help with video producing and editing, pre-event testing, rehearsals, post-event editing and archiving materials. Support is available 24/7 via phone and email. Unlike most of the webcasting services, INXPO does not have how-to videos. However, you can access a user guide to help you learn how to create and run a webcast.


INXPO provides a fully featured webcasting software that can handle large webcam-style webcasts or live-event webcasts. Its strength lies in its interface, which features a wide variety of widget choices to keep your audience engaged. This webcasting service lacks many standard support options but otherwise is a strong service.