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Webinato Review

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PROS / The service’s recast feature lets people replay a webcast with all the interactive features intact.

CONS / Toll-free phone-in conferencing services require an additional service fee.

 VERDICT / Webinato provides a smooth webcasting platform with useful features. It's especially worth considering if you plan on doing a large number of webcasts.

A high-quality webcasting service, Webinato has a smooth interface and strong connectivity. It allows unlimited webcasts, but the company recommends only streaming four videos at once for bandwidth issues. The service charges extra for toll-free phone conferencing but otherwise is a good webcasting platform to consider, especially if you do frequent webcasts or want to get the most out of your recorded webcasts.

Webinato features a user-friendly interface. We had no issues with connectivity, and attendees did not need to download any programs or apps, although presenters need to run an app for screen sharing. The cobrowser, a function not seen with other webcasting software, takes some practice to use but allows you to share a webpage with your audience. This lets you access a separate internet browser within the platform. The webcasting platform is fully customizable, even to the point of putting your own logo and banner in the room itself.

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Webinato lets you load either video files or videos from YouTube, while most of the other services on our lineup only allow one or the other. We found that the webcasting service’s advanced capabilities affected the usability of the platform. However, the service includes two hours of live training to help you learn how to set up a webcast or to redirect attendees after the meeting ends, among other tasks.

Another useful feature this webinar service offers is the replay feature. People viewing a replay can interact with the webinar. They can download files and take polls just like the original attendees. You can see the information of the people who view the recording as well. As a result, you increase your visibility and the usefulness of your webcast.

If you are interested in having people phone in, you need to purchase the conference bridge. This is an added expense but comes with moderating features. You also can integrate your customer relationship management software to Webinato at no extra charge. 

The lines are secure to at least 256 bits, which is above industry standard. In addition, you can password protect if you want added security for your webcasting. There's 24/7 chat support and phone support during business hours. The Webinato website has training videos and a guide for attendees. When you first open the platform, the software leads you through its major features.


If your business depends heavily on frequent webcasts, Webinato serves as a good webcasting solution. This service offers both webcam and live-event webcasting, and its replay features let you offer a fully interactive webcast even after the original event. While some of its features come at an extra charge, it provides a high-quality webcasting service.