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SheerSEO is search engine optimization (SEO) software with many features beneficial for a small business's SEO program. It has core features in keyword optimization and link building, and it offers detailed reports. It also has detailed social media reporting features, which is quickly becoming a huge influencing factor in SEO. Despite its multiple SEO features and thorough reports, it lacks other key features, such as competitor analysis, and it does not provide unlimited keywords. However, if you don’t need all of these features and have a smaller budget to spend on SEO campaigns, this software is a good choice.

You'll find many useful keyword tools with SheerSEO. It thoroughly analyzes your keyword density and provides its analysis in detailed, color-coded charts and graphs. One drawback with its keyword optimization feature is that you can't track an unlimited number of keywords, something other SEO software packages often do. This limits the potential for optimizing your site using keywords.

A unique feature of this SEO monitoring software's link-building tools is how closely it monitors your social media mentions, comments, shares and links. Facebook shares can influence your Google page rankings, and SheerSEO does not overlook this valuable resource unlike some SEO software packages. SheerSEO also monitors your Twitter account.

SheerSEO’s Advanced plan, the plan we evaluated, does not track your competitors for you. However, if you subscribe to one of the Professional plans, this feature is included.

Data about your campaigns is presented in straightforward charts and graphs so you can evaluate whether your SEO campaigns are successful or if you need to adopt a new strategy.

In the event you have a question or problem with this SEO reporting software, there is an email contact form on the company's website. Unfortunately, there is no live-chat feature, but there is a detailed product blog that answers questions about the software and discusses SEO best practices. You can also reach out to professionals at SheerSEO by phone.

SheerSEO offers many features that are unique and beneficial for website SEO. Its social media tracking features offer more detail and analysis than other SEO software, but it doesn't provide competitor analysis in its Advanced plan. However, if you are primarily interested in closely monitoring your company's social media SEO, this software is a good choice.