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Business Card Printing Review

Why Use Online Business Card Printing?

While everything is going digital these days, a good business card is still a viable way to get your business noticed. The more flashy, innovative and creative your card, the less likely your company will be forgotten in the business card pile.

While there are many business card printing services to choose from, we have identified some of the best. These companies offer an array of design tools, services and print options that can put a little – or a lot – of pizzazz into your card. Most of these companies can also provide other promotional business items and office supplies. Pay close attention to Elite Flyers, JukeBox Print and 4Over4, as these services offer the most-comprehensive print choices and customer service options, making them the best business card printing services in the industry. Be sure to also check out our articles on business cards.

Business Card Printing Services: What to Look For

When choosing an online business card printing service, consider the service’s printing process. While both offset printing and digital printing create quality products, offset printing is preferable for specialty colors and for applying certain finishes, such as gloss and varnish.

When reviewing online business card companies, we considered the turnaround time, or how long it takes for your cards to arrive after you place your order. Most companies offer a 24-hour turnaround time for rushed orders. However, orders generally take a few days to ensure every detail of your card is perfect before going to press. Here are some more factors we considered when comparing the best business card printing services.

Printing Process
We evaluated overall print quality by comparing samples of business cards and other print products from the online business card printing services on our lineup. In addition to print quality, other factors you should look for include the company's ability to print in full color and whether if bleeding edges and double-sided printing are offered. The best business cards have finishes that make them stand out, such as gloss, UV spot finishing and foil stamping.

The industry standard image resolution for business cards is 300dpi. Some companies print in higher resolutions for clearer text and images. The most-common printing processes are offset and digital printing. Gang-run printing is a cost-effective alternative printing process, though it comes down to individual preference as to which you prefer. The biggest difference is gang-run printing runs several items that are similar in color scheme at the same time, so it is possible that repeat orders may have a slight variation in the final color compared to the original order.

Card Features & Selection
Business cards are no longer just a name and phone number stamped on a flimsy white card. Now you have the option to choose from a wide variety of materials, including linen, cardstock and plastic. Some online business card companies have custom services to print on specialty materials, such as metal and even food items.

The best business card companies offer unique design options, such as different card shapes, rounded corners, mini cards, 3D cards and magnetic cards. Look for companies that include design tips on their website to help you create your own custom logo and design or that have personalized design services that can design the perfect business card for you.

Near field communication, or NFC cards, are the newest fad in business cards. These cards have a microchip embedded inside that lets you record personalized messages. These messages can be transferred to any smartphone by simply tapping the card against the phone. Your entire business card, as well as any photos, coupons or other business materials stored on the card, will automatically pop up on the phone’s screen to be saved and accessed anytime or anywhere.

Design Tools & Support
Most printing services have design tips and tools online to help guide you in creating custom business cards. The best online business card printing services have pre-designed templates and stock photos to help creating your cards easy. These are usually free to use, though some services charge a fee for each photo or template you use.

If you prefer to use your own design program, each of the business card services we reviewed gives you the option to upload your finished project for it to print. Each service has its own file formats that are accepted. These requirements can be found listed on our matrix, on each services' website or by contacting support personnel.

Each of the companies we reviewed offers traditional phone support, and most have email support, though several didn't return our messages. The best online business card companies have live chat through their website with personnel who are quick to answer questions in a way that is not pushy and easy to understand. Some services offer sample packs, so you can see and feel firsthand the quality of the service before choosing the one that is best for you.

Additional Printing Services
Creating a cool logo and having business cards printed is a big step in growing your business. Putting that image onto other marketing materials, such as flyers, brochures, banners and envelopes, really steps up your game and helps your business look professional and established. Several online business card printing services offer other print items that you can have your company logo and color scheme printed on.

Business cards are an effective and inexpensive way to increase your company's exposure. From traditional to wacky business cards, online printing services offer great options for cards that easily match the image and mood of your business.