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OsMonitor Basic Review

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PROS / OsMonitor records screenshots of users' activities.

CONS / It offers more in the way of blocking than it does filtering.

 VERDICT / OsMonitor is a good tool for locking down your perimeter and preventing employees from exposing sensitive data.

OsMonitor is a small business content filter that will provide a basic coverage for your local area network. While it's not one of the top products that we reviewed, it will help you to secure your network by providing basic web monitoring.

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One of the highlights that we found while reviewing this business web filtering software is the time-based filtering option. Many companies adopt an internet policy that does not allow employees to surf the net at any time during work hours, including break and lunch times. The internet is constantly locked down.

Some businesses, however, choose to allow employees to access the internet on occasion, understanding that even the most responsible of employees sometimes needs to check their personal email or browse the latest headlines for a minute. If you choose to allow web access at certain times, this enterprise web filter allows you to set up time-based filtering. You set the time filter for the times you are allowing free access to the internet, such as break or lunchtime, ensuring that your employees are not wasting your time with their online activities. Even though you may relax your policy when breaks and lunches come around, it does not mean you have to allow full access to the internet all the time. When using the time-based filter you still have the option to continue to block detrimental websites such as pornographic, hate and gambling sites.

Another convenient feature of this content filter is the ability to block portable drives from accessing individual computers or the network. By adding this extra layer of security, you are protecting yourself and your business from outside computer viruses and corporate espionage. The last thing that you would want to have happen is to have your biggest trade secret copied to a portable drive and spilled out into the open. OsMonitor also offers you the ability to track your employee's keystrokes.

OsMonitor website filter is lacking when it comes to the different ways of accessing reported data. The application is set up on a local network, which definitely has its strong points for monitoring employees; however, the only way to access reports is by logging into your network. On the other hand, this content filter does offer the ability of log filtering. This allows you to set up a filter that will pull out only the needed data instead of requiring you to review everything.

OsMonitor offers a phone number for the technical support team as well an email address. Both are readily available on their website. While reviewing this content filter, we were also able to find a decent sized list of FAQs, and the application comes with a product manual. In addition, this web monitoring software also offers you the ability to chat in real time with a customer support agent.


OsMonitor is a bare bones type of website filter. It does offer the necessities of an internet monitor, but it does not have some of the features that we feel are important to have for the protection of your small business, like activity-triggered logging and popup warnings for users of monitored computers.

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