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SentryPC Review

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PROS / SentryPC content filter offers an excellent variety of informative reports.

CONS / The application does not have the ability to bypass filter blocks.

 VERDICT / SentryPC offers a power-packed content filter for a reasonable price.

Editor's note: The manufacturer has informed us that a new, cloud-based version of SentryPC is available. We will address these changes when we next update the Small Business Content Filter reviews.

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The SentryPC small business content filter friom Spytech offers a great way to keep your network and employees performing how you need them too. If you have employees in different departments who need diverse parameters for accessing the internet, this software will certainly do the job. Along with being able to create different user groups to accommodate all of your employees, this business web filter gives you the ability to adjust the sensitivity of the filtering.

If you allow your employees to surf the net, you can use SentryPC to set daily or weekly time allowances. When employees reach their time limit, SentryPC will not allow them to access the internet without an override the settings to allow it. If you feel the need to send gentle reminders to employees who may be abusing the internet policy, simply use the pop-up window option to let them know that they are being monitored.

Today's internet can be a tempting time waster for people who have the opportunity to use it at work. Anything that decreases productivity in your work place can jeopardize your company. Employees that are interested in gambling, gaming, dating or pornography sites can pose a serious threat to your company. Along with upset employees, pornography at work can also lead to legal issues for your company. For this reason, you should absolutely consider using an internet monitor. Using a content filter will not only protect your business, but it may also help to protect your employees.

An added benefit of this content filter offers is the ability to block a portable drives, such as flash drives, from being connected to your employees' computers. This helps to ensure that your company is not leaking important data to unknown parties that may be out to harm your company, or your customers.

If you are trying to figure out who your top internet indulgers are, this content filter offers a great list of options for top ten reports. These reports show the ten most detrimental employees to your company. You can also easily generate reports that show who your top internet policy breakers are. If you have concerns about who is sending emails to their friends and family during work time, this content filter can generate a report showing the ten employees who send the most emails. Also available is a report that lists the top ten applications that your employees are using. This can help you to decide if your employees are being productive or not, but it may also help you see that you may want to try a different approach for better time management within your company. Along with these comprehensive reports, SentryPC can also take screenshots so that you can see exactly what your employees are doing.

By looking into business internet filtering software, you have already decided that your time and money are valuable assets. So, if you are in the middle of monitoring employees and run into a glitch, you don't want to spend time hunting for a solution. SentryPC offers excellent help resources. They provide you with a phone number for technical support to get immediate answers and an email address for less time-sensitive issues. There is also a helpful list of FAQs, a product manual and a how-to guide on their website.


With its great filtering capabilities, superb reporting options and additional help items, SentryPC will be an excellent purchase for your small business.

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