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Umbrella Everywhere Enterprise Review

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PROS / The centralized web interface means you can access your OpenDNS reports from anywhere.

CONS / Umbrella Everywhere does not reveal the identity of an individual making a request.

 VERDICT / Umbrella Everywhere offers a transparent look into the browsing habits of your employees or customers. Its solid reporting functions help you create better acceptable-use policies that balance satisfaction with productivity.

Umbrella Everywhere from OpenDNS has the necessary features for your small business content filter. It provides a variety of network options to handle both local and remote traffic. While it still carries many of the legacy OpenDNS features, much of what’s new with Umbrella Everywhere is there to protect your business moving forward.

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The filtering features built into Umbrella Everywhere offer protection against known and some of the more exotic threats. It mitigates malware threats by restricting contact with known-infected files, while also protecting against some common (and costly) operator-error scenarios. Its extensive reporting features help in creating long-term policies and strategies so you and your employees can get the most out of your network.

Umbrella Everywhere definitely is one of the best web filtering software for business uses that we have reviewed. Its versatility helps customize policies to suit the needs of specific workforces. Umbrella Everywhere from OpenDNS wins the Top Ten Reviews Silver Award.


Having total control over your enterprise web filter affords you the flexibility to manage your network in a responsible manner. Umbrella Everywhere's blocking features mitigate potential threats and turn away objectionable content. It offers bring-your-own-device support and individual user profiles.

Additionally, Umbrella offers guest Wi-Fi filtering that you can deploy over a single or several hotspots and manage through your web-based account. Just like on your private network, you can control the content on your hotspot. Rather than allowing a couple of users the opportunity to absorb your bandwidth with streaming music and videos, you can accommodate the access needs of all of your employees and customers.


OpenDNS prevents users from introducing known and suspected threats into the network. It blocks malware attempts and recognizes external threats such as drive-by exploits and typo squatters that take advantage of common URL spelling errors.

For infected hardware – including mobile devices connected to your network — Umbrella prevents botnet participation by containing potential internal threats that attempt to reach out to control servers. The same technology also prevents users from responding to fraudulent websites. OpenDNS blocks advanced threats from malicious sites and malware attempting to travel over any port, protocol or application.

To bring this technology together, OpenDNS has created a predictive security algorithm that identifies potential malware sources based on a variety of behavioral characteristics. Anomaly detection and recognition of temporal patterns are used with other tools to predict the potential threat of a site.


The reporting features from Umbrella Everywhere are exceptional. Information for your reports is only collected from networks where data collection has been enabled. The available reports offer information to determine an effective acceptable-use policy as well as provide a better understanding of the types of threats faced by a network. These reports give insight into the identity of a website's biggest user group (network groups, roaming profiles, mobile users, Active Directory users, etc.), the type of information they are getting, the sites they frequent and even how often they go there.

The caveat to Umbrella’s great reporting function is that it is unable to issue a report if your network uses a dynamic IP address. Also, while the reports do show the various sites for which a DNS request has been made, it won't report who specifically made the request. And there is a two-hour lag between the time of the DNS request and the time that it appears on the report.

Help & Support

The Support button for Umbrella Everywhere is right at the top of the page next to the logout button. Through that portal, you will find most things Umbrella-related, including documentation and searchable forums. Access to separate OpenDNS and Umbrella communities are also available, as is the option to simply submit a help request or follow up on an earlier one.


Umbrella Everywhere from OpenDNS provides you with the tools to create and maintain the best acceptable-use internet policy for your place of business. Its content filtering capabilities are as powerful as they are scalable. Policies can be extended across multiple private and hotspot networks, allowing you to accommodate yourself, your employees and your customers.

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