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Sony 8" Digital Photo Frame DPF-D810 Review

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PROS / This digital photo frame is compatible with four different image formats and provides 128MB of internal memory.

CONS / You will need an adapter to use micro and mini SD and SDHC cards as well as Memory Stick Micro cards.

 VERDICT / This frame has more options and features than any other frame we reviewed plus excellent quality and support.

Editor’s Note: This product has been removed from viewing as part of this site because it is no longer available. You can still read our original review below, but Top Ten Reviews is no longer updating this product’s information.

Sony 8" Digital Photo Frame DPF-D810

Through the research we conducted on digital frames we found that we are not the only ones pleased with the Sony 8” Digital Photo Frame (model number: DPF-D810). The digital photo frame provides a high quality in resolution and design. One of the things that set this digital photo frame apart from others is its ability to read four different image formats. We found that the vast majority of other top digital picture frames will only read JPEG image files. It also offers an internal memory bank so that you don’t have to leave your memory card in the digital frame.


Many users have been thrilled with the remote control that comes with the Sony 8” digital picture frame. Although the digital frame is easy enough to use on its own, the remote will provide you with additional ease and convenience. The remote allows you to power on the digital picture frame as well as put it on standby. It also allows you to select various viewing modes such as slideshow, clock, single picture and index. In addition, the remote allows you to perform essential functions such as import pictures, delete pictures, rotate pictures, sort pictures and zoom in and out. You can access the digital frame’s main menu through the remote and have access to all of the frame’s available features.

Another great feature the digital frame provides is the 128MB of internal storage. With this feature, the Sony photo frame makes it possible for you to store images within the digital frame without having to leave your memory card behind. Although it seems like it would be a common feature, the internal memory is somewhat unique for digital picture frames in this price range. Yet it is an excellent feature that we highly recommend not going without.

User Experience

As you will find through each of our digital picture frame reviews, although the digital photo screens are generally 7 or 8 inches diagonally, the frames themselves come in a plethora of different sizes. The LCD screen of this Sony digital picture frame measures 8 inches diagonally and fits within a frame that measures 6.9 inches high, 9.2 inches wide and 1.1 inches deep. The digital frame is designed to show pictures in portrait or landscape orientation and will automatically rotate pictures that aren't oriented correctly. If the digital frame misses one, you can easily rotate it with one click of the remote.

This digital frame is unique in its design because it allows you to either hang it on the wall or prop it up using the stand. Several digital frames we reviewed only have the option of being propped up with the stand, so this is an advanced feature that gives additional versatility to this digital photo frame.

The front of the digital photo frame has the LCD screen, the surrounding plastic frame, the remote sensor and the Sony logo. The back of the digital frame has buttons you can use to navigate the settings, though you'll probably end up using the convenient remote instead of having to reach around the back of the frame. The functions include: powering the frame, accessing the main menu, changing the display mode and directional arrows. The memory card slots are also found on the back of the digital picture frame. They are easy to locate and use. The digital frame is compatible with a Memory Stick, Memory Stick Duo, SD and SDHC memory cards. You can use micro and mini SD and SDHC cards as well as Memory Stick Micro cards as long as you have an adaptor. The digital picture frame will connect to your PC through the USB port found on the frame. The digital frame is powered by an AC adapter that will plug directly into any AC outlet.

Help & Support

Sony’s website has an excellent design that works to provide ample help and support to each user who visits. Each product page presents tabs that will guide you in finding specific product features, specifications, reviews and accessories.

We found that the best way to receive support for the digital picture frame is by clicking on the product specifications tab and finding Support in the Product Profile. Through this Support section you can access help and support resources directly for the digital photo frame. If you opt to go through the main site help and support link, you will continually need to type in the product and model number, which gets rather annoying. Through clicking the product’s Sony eSupport link you will be navigated to an eSupport page that provides resources such as: a live chat link, an email Sony link, a link for the documentation such as the manual, a Sony user forum and the option to search the Sony knowledgebase.

We tried to chat with Sony's support team but were unable to get the chat function to work properly. Instead, we sent an email regarding the digital picture frame. We instantly received an email acknowledging that Sony had received our support request. Under four hours later we received an email from a member of the Sony customer support team which addressed each of our questions and comments. We were very pleased with the ease we found in contacting the Sony eSupport team, the timeliness of their response and the appropriate answers we received.

Sony’s digital picture frame comes with a physical manual packaged with the product, as well as an online manual for backup. The manual is clean and easy to read and follow. The graphics and product information are organized in a clean and orderly fashion, which makes the manual easy to use. Several pages throughout the manual also offer tips and notes for the user that will help you get the most out of your product. Again, we were very impressed with the Sony help and support resources and had no problem accessing or retrieving the information we were looking for. Sony provides a one-year warranty with each digital photo frame as well, which should provide you with an assurance that you are getting a quality product.


Sony truly excels in every area with the Sony 8” Digital Photo Frame (model number: DPF-D810). We are impressed with its array of features, high-quality picture display, ease of use, and help and support. We think this Sony digital frame is the best all-around digital picture frame you can buy for the price, and we're confident you'll agree.

Sony 8" Digital Photo Frame DPF-D810