50% off the Shark AI Ultra Self-Empty Robot Vacuum — get it or regret it

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If you've been looking for a robot vacuum cleaner deal, then now is your chance to pounce; I've just found that the Shark AI Ultra Self-Empty Robot Vacuum is discounted by 50% when you shop directly with Shark. This means that instead of paying $599.99 for a self-emptying robot vacuum, it can be yours for $299.99.

Sounds good, doesn't it? It's one of several offers in the Shark Bloom of Deals where you can save 50% off select products and 10% off accessories. We're not sure how long the deal will be "live," so, as with all good deals and sales, I'd say to add this robot vacuum to your cart sooner rather than later so you can have one less chore to think about.

Shark regularly features alongside some of the best vacuum cleaners for suction power and anti-hair wrap, and this robot vacuum will be no exception.

Shark AI Ultra Self-Empty Robot Vacuum | was $599.99, now $299.99 at Shark

Shark AI Ultra Self-Empty Robot Vacuum | was $599.99, now $299.99 at Shark

Discounted to its lowest price ever, this Shark robot vacuum can now be yours for 50% less. Inside the delivery box, you'll receive the Shark AI Ultra vacuum, XL HEPA Self-Empty Base, Side Brushes (x2), and a Filter. Included in the price is free shipping.

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Shark AI Ultra Self-Empty Robot Vacuum: key features

The Shark AI Ultra Self-Empty Robot Vacuum has all the tech-spec to make it an efficient, automated vacuum cleaner that is more than capable of tackling dust, dirt, and debris without you getting involved. 

It has 650 watts of suction power, equivalent to most cordless vacuum cleaners. Combined with Clean Edge Technology, this power uses blasts of air and corner recognition to get into the tricky spots around the flooring. What I like about this feature is that there will be nowhere for debris to hide — the Shark AI Ultra Self-Empty Robot Vacuum will find a way around it.

The Matrix Clean Navigation offers a deeper clean by following a matrix grid, taking multiple passes over debris until no more is detected. With 360° LiDAR vision, you can quickly and accurately follow a map of your home to avoid objects, day or night, and clean the areas you want vacuumed.

A power suction, HEPA filtration, and anti-hair wrap brush roll make this robot vacuum cleaner a consideration for homes with pets. It'll even clean its brush roll and empty itself into a base that'll hold debris for up to 60 days, which, in my experience, will help save on the effort of cleaning and, with less frequent emptying help, to contain allergies such as pet dander.

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