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Digital Foci Review

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PROS / The ample storage space can house a large collection of photos.

CONS / The USB port is difficult to access.

 VERDICT / Photos are somewhat grainy on this low-tech device, although it might be worth considering if you want a portable battery-operated frame.

The D-Light Box is designed to function as a digital version of your old photo album collection. It even has the feel of a photo album with its padded faux-leather cover. This electronic picture frame has an impressive amount of internal storage and a way of organizing the files that is old-fashioned but sensible.

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Without internet connectivity, this unit does not qualify as a wireless picture frame and does not really compete with the top products in this category. It might be nice if you just want one portable and centralized location for your photo collection, though. That is less important if you have a laptop, but this could be nice for gifting a large set of photos to someone. It ties for the second most storage in our comparison with 4GB available, so you can store a very large collection of photos on it. Photos are organized visually into little file folder graphics.

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  2. 11 Digital Foci
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  4. 93%
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This is a digital picture frame with music but it cannot play video. You can create slideshows with music that goes along with the photos in the slideshow format, though.

Storage may be the best use for it because the D-Light Box does not have the best display. It scored the lowest for its overall display quality. The test images were generally grainy and dull, especially if you were looking at an angle.

There were some shortcomings with the actual device too. The slot for the USB drive is behind a door and deep in a little compartment. It's so deep that you can't fish a thumb drive out easily. We had to use a little wire tie to remove it because of the angle.

While this is not an internet-connected device it is a wireless photo frame in another sense because it runs on battery for up to six hours. That makes it much more portable than other options so it would work well for sharing photos at an outdoor reunion or similar event.


 Digital Foci's D-Light Box cannot compete with the best Wi-Fi picture frames because it does not connect to the internet, but its battery-powered operation helps it stand out for portability. It has a relatively large storage capacity, too, which might make it nice for sharing extensive photo collections with someone.

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