Bikers are arguably more devoted to their rides than most car owners. The Gorilla 9100 provides the same level of security as some of the best car alarms on the market, but for your bike. Similar to car alarms like the Avital 3100LX or the Python 5706P, this alarm also comes with a 120 dB siren and a two-stage shock sensor, but it also features a tilt sensor, an electrical current sensor and LED warning lights. In addition, with its two-way pager remote, you receive alerts even when you’re out of hearing range. When it comes to protecting your motorcycle, the Gorilla 9 series is the best alarm available.

In many ways, the Gorilla 9100 is essentially the same thing as most high-end car alarms. It uses shock and tilt sensors to detect nefarious actions and blares a very loud six-stage siren when the alarm is activated. The main difference is that this alarm is designed to handle the elements. The Gorilla 9100 is apparently waterproof, though the manufacturer doesn’t list an IP rating, which is the standard for water-resistant products.

The Gorilla 9100 has a two-stage shock sensor, which is common in car security systems. The sensor can tell the difference between small bumps, like gusts of wind, and somebody getting on your bike. With small shocks, the alarm offers a warning. It also has a tilt sensor, a common feature for high-end car alarms. This sensor activates the alarm when the bike has been shifted off the kickstand or is being towed.

One sensor that this alarm has that car alarms don’t is the current sensor. This sensor detects any interruptions made to the electrical current. This protects against hotwiring and battery theft. Once the current is disrupted, the alarm goes off.

The alarm has a bright LED that acts as both a warning and a deterrent. The light blinks to let passersby know that the motorcycle has an alarm when it is armed. If the alarm is set off, the light flashes brightly, drawing attention to the motorcycle, especially at night. So, in addition to a blaring 120 dB siren, the thief is illuminated by the light.

The 9100 is one of the few motorcycle alarms with a two-way remote. With a range of a half-mile, the remote alerts you to potential and real threats to your motorcycle, and you can disarm and reset the alarm without having to go to the bike. The remote has a simple LCD screen that tells you what type of alarm is being set off.

If you love your motorcycle, a Gorilla 9100 alarm is a good way to protect it. Not only does it keep thieves from riding off with your bike, but it also keeps away curious admirers who may want to get a little too close for comfort.

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