Avital 5305L Review

Manufactured by Directed, Inc., the same company making Python and Viper car alarms, the Avital 5305L is the most affordable car alarm on the market featuring a remote start system and a two-way pager.

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The Avital 5305L is an affordable car alarm with high-end features, like a two-way pager and a remote start. This is why it's my pick for best overall value.


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    This is the most affordable car alarm with a remote start.


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    It's not compatible with a car tracking device.

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Manufactured by Directed, Inc., the same company making Python and Viper car alarms, the Avital 5305L is the most affordable car alarm on the market featuring a remote start system and a two-way pager. It features the same dual-stage sensor and 120-dB siren as high-end alarms, but doesn't feature the same price. However, unlike Viper car alarms, the Avital 5305L does not have an option to integrate with a car tracking device on your smartphone.


At about $95, the Avital 5305L is nearly $100 less than the Viper 5706V and Python 5706P. All three alarms are made by the same manufacturer and feature the same dual-stage sensor and 120-dB siren. They also each come with a two-way pager and a remote start system. However, the reptilian brands have a remote range of one mile, over three times the range of the Avital remote. Since the features are nearly identical, the remaining question is this: is a long-range worth $100? For most drivers, probably not. This is the main reason why the Avital is the value pick.

Alarm Features

The biggest downside to the Avital 5305L is the lack of car tracking compatibility. Unlike most Viper alarms and some Python alarms, the Avital isn't compatible with the Viper SmartStart GPS module. This device plugs into your car's OBD connector and tracks your car's movements with a smartphone app. When integrated with a car alarm, you receive alarms wherever you are in the world. You can still use the Viper SmartStart module independently from the Avital alarm, but you don't get the advantages of having the systems working together.

The Avital 5305L car alarm features a dual-stage sensor to detect light and heavy impacts. For light impacts, a warning chirp goes off. If it persists or the impact is heavy, the alarm goes into a six-stage siren, blaring at 120-dB. You can also add sensors for detecting glass breaking and tilting (for when a car is being towed), but these cost extra.

It comes with one two-way remote and a one-way remote. The two-way remote has an LCD display to alert you to various types of alarms, such as an impact or a door opening. The two-way remote is the main reason to purchase a midrange car alarm over a cheap $30 alarm because the remote notifies you when an alarm is activated. Rather than wondering if the alarm you hear is coming from your car, the remote vibrates or beeps to let you know it's your car. This makes for quicker investigation and deactivation of the alarm.

The remote only has a range of 1,500 feet, the shortest range I've seen for a remote, even among the cheapest alarms. That said, 1,500 feet is over a quarter mile. For most drivers and most situations, this is plenty of range.

This alarm comes with a starter interrupt. This feature makes it difficult for thieves to hot wire your vehicle. It doesn't make it impossible to hot-wire, but it makes stealing the car difficult.

Convenience Features

The Avital 5305L car alarm is also a remote start system. In fact, remote start is one of its primary features. When the temperature is extremely hot or cold, having a remote starter is a great way to ensure your car’s interior is comfortable when you need to leave, so long as you’re willing to let your car idle. This feature starts the engine so the heat or AC can get to work adjusting the interior temperature. But if someone attempts to put the car in gear without inserting the key, the car immediately turns off, so it is still secure.

This Avital car alarm also has an assortment of other handy convenience features. It comes with four auxiliary ports for expanding the controls and features, such as a trunk release option. It comes with keyless door entry and a valet mode for the alarm.

At less than $100, the Avital 5305L features a loud 120-dB siren with a dual-stage sensor and a two-way remote and remote start system. It may have a short range two-way remote, but a remote start system at this price point makes up for it.

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