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The Urban UR6 is one of the best affordable motorcycle alarms on the market. Very popular in Europe, where scooters and motorcycles are generally more common than in the U.S., this motorcycle alarm both disables the bike and provides a blaring siren to scare off would-be thieves. It doesn't have all the complicated sensors of standard car alarms, but it’s an effective and affordable security system.

The Urban UR6 is like traditional car alarms in one obvious way: It features a blaring 120 dB alarm. However, it differs from car alarms and high-end motorcycle alarms in most other ways. For one thing, it only has one 360-degree shock sensor, which emits warning beeps if someone gets too close, and the alarm activates if they shake the bike. Most car alarms have more sensor functions than this, with shock and tilt sensors to detect different levels of movement.

The best feature of the Urban UR6 is the disc locking. It attaches to the brake disc on your motorcycle’s wheel. This means that you can’t drive with it on. It’s like putting a boot on a car, which is an effective way of ensuring a thief can’t make off with it. You can’t even drill into the alarm to take it off. The thief would have to pick the motorcycle up and carry it away with this on, all while having a 120 dB alarm blaring in their ear.

That said, this alarm isn't without its downsides. For starters, you must attach it to the disc every time you get off the motorcycle and take it off every time you want to leave. Sure, this is a minor inconvenience, but it means that you must make a habit of it, and habits are easy to lose once they become inconvenient. It also means that you must carry it while you ride, which could prove difficult with motorcycles that lack storage compartments.

Another downside to the Urban UR6 is the way the disc-locking mechanism is different from the alarm. You must turn the alarm on after locking it to the disc. Users have complained that they sometimes forget to turn the alarm on as a result, and have forgotten that the UR6 was attached to their brake discs. Driving off with the UR6 still attached can cause severe damage to your motorcycle. With the alarm on, you get a warning beep when you approach the motorcycle, which also acts as a reminder to take it off.

When the alarm is on, the UR6 has a light that provides a visual deterrent by essentially advertising its existence. If the alarm is set off, the light becomes a lot more powerful, illuminating the motorcycle and drawing attention to it, which is especially useful at night or in a dark parking garage.

For simple security, the Urban UR6 is a great alarm for a motorcycle at an affordable price. If thieves aren’t turned away by the flashing light and the loud siren, they’ll be forced to walk away when they realize they can’t ride off with it attached to the brake disc. This is one of the most popular motorcycle alarms in Europe for a reason – it’s effective.