Pros / This window air conditioner has the highest energy efficiency ratio of any unit in our comparison.

Cons / It lacks a sleep mode for saving energy overnight.

 Verdict / The GE AED08LV lacks a few operating modes that can come in handy and its warranty is short, but its energy efficiency is unquestionably impressive.

The GE AED08LV has competitive energy efficiency numbers that make it one of the best window AC units on the market. It has all of the important certifications, including the Energy Star label, and all of the numbers to back them up, starting with the highest energy efficiency ratio in our lineup: 12.2. That will translate into savings on your power bill.

This window AC unit uses up to 8,200 British thermal units (Btu) – the amount of energy needed to heat or cool a pound of water by 1 degree Fahrenheit. The Btu use defines the amount of space a window air conditioning unit can handle comfortably. This GE unit's 8,200 Btu can cool a room of approximately 250 square feet.

The airflow number also is quite high with this unit. It can move 230 cubic feet per minute. That is the second highest in our comparison. Getting the air moving quickly can make a dramatic difference in how cool a room feels.

The GE AED08LV also is great at reducing humidity, which can make a dramatic and speedy difference in how a room feels. It removes 1.9 pints per hour, which is the second most of all of the units in our comparison. There is not a specific dehumidify operating mode, so you cannot dry the air without also cooling it.

This unit is missing a sleep mode, which would save energy overnight by gradually increasing temperatures. There is a generic energy saving mode, though, and there is a timer so you could set the unit to turn itself off at some point during the night while temperatures naturally drop outside.

The warranty coverage is one year on everything, which is normal but not great. The GE site is a little less helpful than others we looked at, but if you have questions about the warranty or the product itself you can reach customer service representatives by email, telephone or live chat.

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  • Energy Efficiency Ratio
  • Maximum Air Flow
  • Compressor Warranty
  1. Based on the industry standard of Btu divided by watts used.
    More is better.
  2. 6  GE AED08LV
    12.2 Cubic Feet per Minute
  3. 11.2 Cubic Feet per Minute
  4. 11.2 Cubic Feet per Minute
  5. 12.1 Cubic Feet per Minute
  6. Category Average
    11.24 Cubic Feet per Minute


This window air conditioner is missing a few operating modes, but it is competitive in the most important ways. The energy efficiency numbers are very good. In fact, the GE AED08LV's EER number is the highest of any in our top 10 list. That translates into a low power bill and an oasis from the summer heat.

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Specifications and Benchmarks


Room Size (square feet)
Estimated Annual Energy Cost
Maximum Window Kit Width (inches)
Minimum Window Height (inches)
15 1/2


Energy Efficiency Ratio (EER)
Maximum Air Flow (CFM)
Moisture Removal (pints/hour)
Energy Star Qualified
3 Fan Speeds
AHAM Certified
UL Listed
Chlorine-Free Refrigerant


Remote Control
Programmable Timer
Auto Mode
Fan Only
Energy Saver Mode
Auto Restart


Air Filter
4-Way Directional Louvers
Noise Level (dB)
Weight (pounds)
Height (inches)
14 9/16
Width (inches)
19 1/32
Depth (inches)
21 1/4

Help & Support

Appliance Warranty
1 Year
Compressor Warranty
1 Year
Email & Telephone
Live Chat