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Pros / When you sign up for an account with Flagship ROAMpay, you're assigned a dedicated account representative.

Cons / You have to meet a monthly minimum through your processing costs.

 Verdict / Though it has high fees and tiered pricing, Flagship ROAMpay offers standout customer service and doesn't require a long-term contract.

Flagship ROAMpay is a branch of Flagship Merchant Services that offers iPhone card readers and mobile credit card processing. Traditional retail accounts and online processing accounts are also available. Flagship has tiered-rate pricing with a low rate swiped debit cards, which can be good for merchants that process a large amount of debit card transactions. This processor charges a monthly fee, a PCI-compliance fee and a monthly minimum. It offers excellent customer service.

When you sign up for an account with Flagship, you receive a free iPhone credit card swiper. Flagship also has an EMV-compliant mobile credit card reader for iPhone that you can purchase for $59.99. The iPhone EMV card reader is also equipped with NFC technology so you can accept payment made using Apple Pay and other mobile wallets.

Flagship offers tiered rates to merchants who use an Apple card reader to accept mobile payments. Qualified debit cards are processed at a 0.38 percent rate and non-qualified debit transactions are processed at a 1.98 percent rate. Credit card transactions are processed at 1.58 percent for qualified transactions and 3.56 percent for non-qualified. Every transaction includes a $0.19 per-transaction fee. If your business has larger average ticket sizes and accepts a lot of debit cards, a tiered rate may save you money.

Flagship ROAMpay charges fees in addition to the processing costs. You pay a monthly fee of $7.95 along with a yearly PCI-compliance fee of $99. Each month, your processing costs need to meet a minimum of $25 or you have to pay the difference between $25 and the amount of processing costs you generated. Although these types of fees are standard for full-service processors that provide you with your own merchant account, most mobile processors don't charge them.

This provider of iPhone card readers posts some of its terms online, but information about its pricing and fees isn't available. Transparency of key information is an important consideration when looking for a processor, and Flagship ROAMpay isn't as transparent as many of its competitors.

There isn't a long-term contract requirement with Flagship. This gives you the flexibility to move on to another processor if Flagship doesn't meet your business's needs. One advantage of using an Apple card reader to accept payments is that the setup time is quick; you can begin accepting payments using the app on your phone or tablet the day after you sign up. However, if you want to avoid paying the higher non-qualified rates for keying in transactions, you need to wait for your iPhone card reader to arrive.

By providing a dedicated account rep and 24/7 phone support, Flagship's customer service is one of its standout features. If having a direct contact that you can call for customer service is important to you, this mobile processor may be a good option to consider.


Flagship ROAMpay gives excellent customer service to its customers. It provides you with your own merchant account and has tiered pricing, which can be a good option for businesses that accept a lot of debit cards and have high average ticket sizes.

Flagship ROAMpay Visit Site