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Pros / Hotel listings include TripAdvisor reviews.

Cons / It lacks search tools that help you locate hotels that can accommodate individuals with disabilities.

 Verdict / Though it lacks some convenient search tools, OneTravel has deep discounts compared to other hotel booking sites. It's a good choice when planning your next trip.

OneTravel is primarily a hotel search engine, but you can also use it to look for great deals on flights, car rentals and vacation packages. While it's missing some convenient search features, OneTravel is still a decent hotel booking website.

Starting your hotel search is easy with OneTravel. You can use the drop-down calendar to easily select the days of your stay. Another drop-down field lets you specify how many people are traveling with you, including the number of children, and the total number of rooms you need.

Once you input all of this information, OneTravel lists all of the compatible hotels, with a featured hotel listed at the top. You'll find a good selection of hotels, with various price ranges and in different areas of the city you are visiting.

If you want, you can refine your search further based on a hotel's star rating, proximity to local attractions, neighborhood, amenities or more. You can also sort by price. When we sorted our search by lowest price, we found that OneTravel offered deep discounts and still provided helpful TripAdvisor reviews to help you know if your hotel is decent even with the cheap price.

There are two search features missing from OneTravel that the best hotel booking services offer with their searches. First, you can't search based on accommodation type, such as a resort or vacation home. This tool is helpful if you are traveling with a large group and need something bigger than a standard hotel room. Second, you can't refine searches to find facilities that can accommodate travelers with disabilities. These specifics are listed in the hotel's webpage, but it is nice to be able to quickly sort hotels that are wheelchair accessible or that can accommodate guests with special needs rather than having to click through thousands of individual listings to see if the hotel and room meets your needs.

When you click on a hotel to view more information, the webpage lists the hotel's amenities, guest reviews, plus images of the lobby, facilities and rooms. Images are not always available, however, for international hotels, making the TripAdvisor reviews included in each hotel listing that much more important.

When booking a hotel through OneTravel, you start by choosing a room. Unlike other hotels booking sites that list different room options and the exact price of each, OneTravel only lists the exact price of the first room listed and the additional cost, in U.S. dollars, for each subsequent room. You will have to determine the final cost (or you can see the total cost on the final webpage right before you finalize the sale).

The hotel listing includes a map that shows where the hotel is located, nearby attractions and how far the nearest international airport is located. If you decide the hotel you are viewing isn't what you need, other nearby hotels are listed on the page so you don't have to hit the back button on your browser.

Once you've made your decision, OneTravel walks you through the reservation process. You are asked for your name and email address, so you can receive a confirmation of your reservation. You are also given the option of purchasing travel insurance.

OneTravel has multiple customer support options. It is one of the few services that has online chat. It also has phone support. The FAQs section is searchable, and the self-help tools give you easy answers for minor things, like correcting a misspelling on your reservation.


OneTravel offers deep discounts for hotels, plus you can purchase airline tickets and book car rentals. While it doesn't have search and sorting tools to make the process easier to find accommodations for larger parties or guests with disabilities, it includes TripAdvisor reviews with each hotel listing and an easy reservation process. Visit Site