Pros / It has a sleek user interface and easy-to-use organizational features to help you develop and write your text.

Cons / The program is only available for Mac OS X users, not for Windows users.

 Verdict / Storyist’s extensive and capable organizational tools are its strong suit, allowing you to focus on your story rather than all the loose ends.

Storyist is one of the best creative writing software applications available. Along with having a feature-rich word processor, it has extensive developmental tools that can help you research, create, organize and edit your prose in an organized format. The writing software helps you to think structurally and develop a full story outline, while keeping your notes organized and stringing together your scenes to forge the story you always dreamed of writing. Because of its extensive organization tools, story development tools, export options and customizability, Storyist easily earns our Top Ten Reviews Bronze Award.

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Organizational Tools

This creative writing software has exceptionally powerful organizational abilities and does all of the heavy lifting for you each step of the way. You can use any of the built-in stylesheets or templates to help you log your most crucial details, or utilize the corkboard to pin or rearrange notes and plot points for easy viewing at either micro or macro levels.

If you find yourself getting stuck, you can check out the templates and plot development tools. Also, you can fill out the story sheet for each character’s details and even upload a photo of them to help you better visualize them.

Any writer knows the importance of regularly saving in-progress documents. Storyist knows this, too, and has multiple tools to ensure your most recent versions are saved. The software has an auto save function and supports versioning so you can go back to an older version if needed. The program can also track the word counts of every document, and it provides you with a multitude of file import and export options.

Writing & Editing

The program’s built-in word processor allows you to get straight to work. There is also space for you to jot down notes and bolts of inspiration – both within the software and on the mobile app – as well as a handy color-coded index card corkboard. This gives you the ability not just to write a specific plot point or note but also to pin it to a slot or move it around as needed, until you feel like you’ve got all of your story’s details just right. This feature also lets you easily view your story at a macro level.

Once you’re done writing – or even while you’re writing – Storyist’s various editing capabilities can help ensure your final document is pristine. The built-in dictionary and thesaurus can help you find just the right word, and the word count function helps you meet word count goals for specific chapters within your overall story. It’s also powerful enough to allow you to adjust line and margin spacing, and perform other formatting tasks. You can also insert headers, footers, comments and images to further enhance your document.

Ease of Use

This writing software is among the most user-friendly in our comparison. It has a clean, modern interface with intuitive navigation, and all of its options are clearly laid out for you to find and use without any struggle. Tools such as story sheets, index cards and corkboards – which function just like their physical counterparts – are also available within the software to help you.

Any part of your story – or your story’s notes – that you want to work on is easy to access thanks to the customizable split-screen layout. This layout allows you to tailor the look of your workspace, and put all of your most-used functions within arm’s reach. You can opt to have just the word processor visible on your screen, or to have your project organizer or corkboard visible as well, for easy access to notes and outlines. And best yet – even with all of those visible, the program still maintains a clean and minimalistic look so you can stay focused.

The only real downside to this creative writing program is its lack of both a name generator and a substantial character development tool. However, name generators are freely available online, and the software still offers a dedicated character section where you can write out information about each character and even upload a photo or sketch of a person to help you better visualize them.

The software is solely for use with Apple products, and its applications are available for both iOS and Mac OS X. You can easily switch back and forth between the software and its mobile counterpart, which makes it easy to add a note or make changes on the fly.

Help & Support

Storyist offers several informational resources for you to learn more about the program or troubleshoot any issues that may arise. You can directly contact the company’s customer support team via email, although they don’t offer support by phone or live chat. Or, if you prefer to troubleshoot on your own – or if you simply want to learn more about the product – you can access tutorials, a knowledgebase and a FAQs section on the company’s website.


Storyist offers a host of useful features and tools to assist you each step of the way as you develop your story. Its clean and intuitive interface makes the program easy to use, and you can tailor the look of the interface as needed. With its built-in word processor, impressive text formatting capabilities and enough writing tools move from the planning stage to publication, Storyist is a great option for writers of all varieties.

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