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2D Animation Software Reviews

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2D Animation Software Review

Why Buy 2D Animation Software?

Whether you grew up watching Bugs Bunny, Mickey Mouse, The Smurfs or the South Park kids, you've probably wanted to create your own animated productions at some point. Fortunately, with 2D animation software you no longer have to spend years in art school or work as an intern at Disney to see these dreams come true.

2D animation software allows aspiring animators to create simple and complex animations, giving artists an opportunity to explore this fun, exciting media in an affordable way. With these animation programs you can draw, color and animate your creations to your heart's content. As you begin your search to find the right 2D animation software for you, be sure to check out Toon Boom Studio, Anime Studio Debut and DrawPlus X6. These are some of the best 2D animation software programs available. You will also find articles about 2D animation software, as well as comprehensive animation software reviews on this site.

2D Animation Software: What to Look For

2D animation software is a fun way to create amazing scenes from your imagination, and you want to get the best program that fits your needs. Unfortunately, not all animation software is equal, so you need to be careful when you are selecting which program to use. Take into consideration what you want your end result to be, whether a feature or a short, an ad banner or a motion comic. Once you figure out what you want your animation to be, then you need to decide how you want to create your drawings. Below are some criteria that will help you navigate through the many options and features found in the best 2D animation software.

Animation Tools
The most important part of any 2D animation software is its toolset. Look for an animation maker with sketching and brush tools if you want to draw within the program. Another essential tool for drawing and animating is the onion skinning tool. This is a traditional method of creating the next drawing while being able to view the previous one. If you prefer to draw on paper and then scan your images into the program, look for software that can convert your hand-drawn images into vector graphics. An extremely helpful tool is the bone-rigging tool. With bone rigging, you can create a skeleton inside your characters and objects, making them move naturally with minimal effort.

Program Features
Choosing software with the most program features can make creating animations easier and give you more creative options. Look for features such as drawing tablet support, scene transitions and the ability to add text and word balloons to your projects. What cartoon would be complete without sound? Many 2D animation software programs allow you to record your own voice or sound effects, and some are even capable of editing these sounds. Lip-syncing is a great feature that streamlines your workflow by matching up your dialogue with premade mouths in the correct positions.

Import & Export
Having many options to choose from when it comes to importing files into your projects and saving your project can help expand what you can do with 2D animation software. Look for a software program that allows you to import many types of files and save your projects in several different file formats. It’s better to have a wide variety of options in both areas so you can create the best animation project.

Help & Support
The amount of available help and support options is a very important factor when choosing an animation software program. Not every artist is a computer savvy; thus, a manufacturer should provide email or phone support to assist customers who have difficulty installing or using the program. Other support options to look for include tutorials on how to use the software, user forums and FAQs pages to find answers to common questions.

When you are searching for the right 2D animation program, be sure to consider the suggestions above and use our research to help you choose the program that will best fit your artistic style and vision.