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The TAB Review

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One of the biggest drawbacks to animation is the time it takes to create each individual drawing. With 2D animation software, you can reduce the amount of time you spend with each frame because the computer can automatically create the inbetweening of your characters and objects. The TAB by Digital Video is good 2D animation software that helps you streamline your artistic workflow with its intuitive drawing tools and flexible keyframe animation. The TAB series of 2D animation software includes Student, Standard, Pro, Manga and kids programs, so you have many choices to create your animations.

The TAB cartoon maker programs have drawing tools that make it possible for you to manipulate and adjust your artwork with ease. While you can draw using your mouse, this program supports the use of electronic drawing tablets. The TAB software senses the pressure from your pencil and translates it onto your screen. This sensitivity gives your digital strokes the same look as if you were drawing on a piece of paper.

The program’s animation and sound timeline is called XSheet, and it is a format that has been used by professional animators for years. You can make simple sound edits in The TAB software, but you must create your dialogue and sound effects in another program and import them into your project. If you have complex edits to make, you need to use other software to make those changes as well.

You can import several file types into The TAB Pro and other versions of the software, and you can convert them into vector images. In addition, you can export files as SWF Flash, AVI or MOV files. This animation software can also export your animation as a sequence of images so you can review or share individual frames.

There is next to no technical or customer support for this 2D animation software. There are a few video tutorials you can find on YouTube to learn about some of the basic functions and an email address you can use to contact the customer service department, but it does not guarantee feedback if you email it. In addition, it doesn’t have any support plans you can purchase. You can find user manuals under the press section of the manufacturer’s website; the manuals do give some insight into how to use the program, but it would be nice to have tutorials or a user forum to ask other animators specific questions.