Pros / Mixcraft 7 features a performance track that you can use in live performance applications.

Cons / It is not compatible with Mac operating systems.

 Verdict / Mixcraft 7 is making a push to become a household name in the recording industry. Once it becomes available on both Mac and PC platforms, Mixcraft will become even more recognizable.

Editor’s Note: This product has been removed from our side-by-side comparison because it has been replaced by another product. You can still read our original review below, but Top Ten Reviews is no longer updating this product’s information.

Mixcraft 7 is an upgrade from Mixcraft 6, and in the process, it received a facelift. The new version of this recording studio software now presents a dark interface instead of the white background of the previous version. The new look gives this software a professional feel visually and simply looks better than the previous version.

Beyond superficial upgrades, Mixcraft 7 has also updated is audio engine. This home studio software is now compatible with both 32- and 64-bit operating systems. This gives you better performance from your recording software and more options in terms of plugin use and performance.

Like many of the best recording studio software programs we reviewed, Mixcraft 7 has unlimited audio recording and MIDI recording capabilities. To make recording automation easier than with previous versions of Mixcraft, you can add unlimited automation lanes to each track. You can now add separate lanes to automate volume, plugins, panning and other parameters that you choose. This helps keep all of your automations in check and organized.

If you are looking for music creation software to simply produce music without recording external instruments, Mixcraft has plenty of virtual instruments and loops to feed your creative fire. Mixcraft 7 comes with over 7,000 pre-made loops that you can drag and drop into your arrangement window. With a MIDI controller, you can take full advantage of the 14 virtual instruments within this recording software. Each virtual instrument has multiple presets that you can choose between to quickly dial up the sound or tone that you want.

Another new feature of Mixcraft 7 is the performance track. Only one other digital audio workstation (DAW) we reviewed features any live performance application. The performance track is a special feature which you can use to trigger audio clips and MIDI loops to play in sync with your arrangement window performance. This allows you to improve sections of your performance with added noises and audio clips.

Currently, Mixcraft is only available on Windows platforms and is not compatible with Mac operating systems. You can upgrade from Mixcraft 7 to Mixcraft Pro Studio 7 for only a few extra dollars to receive a handful of extra plugins and additional features.

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Mixcraft 7 has everything you want in a DAW, including a performance track that is rare to find in recording studio software that you can use in live performance applications. The program also has a handful of loops and virtual instruments that allow you to create music from scratch quickly and creatively. If this software were available on Mac platforms, it would certainly help this program become a household name.

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