5 new technologies that’ll make your cleaning routine smarter in 2020

5 new technologies that’ll make your cleaning routine smarter in 2020
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The Kitchen and Bathroom Industry Awards took place last month, bringing the latest product launches and most innovative home technology to centre-stage in Las Vegas. 600 exhibitors presented their newest products to 31,000 attendees, with an emphasis on extending smart technology to your bathroom and kitchen in bold and glamorous designs. After all, why does CES get all the fun? 

From hammock baths to aromatherapy handshowers, we’ve rounded up our top picks for products and trends that could be arriving in your home sooner than you realize, so you’re always ahead of the curve.

 1: Anti-steam shower mirrors 

‘The future is clear’, declares the ClearMirror press release. We’re all used to getting out of the shower or bath only to peer at our foggy reflection in a steamed-up mirror. Not ideal for morning routines, and wiping away this steam can leave irritating marks. 

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The new Clarity Shower Mirror from ClearMirror offers to solve this, with an easily mounted fog-free mirror which can be placed anywhere in your bathroom - even in your shower. A powerful lithium ion battery heats your mirror to prevent fog, meaning you can shave, exfoliate or simply admire your reflection all whilst the shower is running. With an LED touch sensor and automatic on-off function, this could be the newest addition to your shower. It's available now, on Amazon. 

2:  Smart store, convertible shower chairs 

Ideally, every mobility impaired or elderly person would have access to the best walk-in baths, but this isn’t always realistic in homes of certain sizes. For these people, shower seating can be bulky and often unappealing to look at. INNOVATO, the new Design By Intent wall-mounted shower seat, aims to change that by providing stylish and modern solutions to bathroom and shower accessibility for the mobility impaired.

This non-permanent shower seat can be removed when necessary, and also replaced with grab bars and towel racks for multi-functional bathroom design. Despite being removable, the INNOVATO seems secure and is ADA compliant. Great for households with people who are mobility impaired, and offering stylish and modern space-efficient solutions. It's available now on the DecoTeak website. 

3:  Hammock baths 

You heard us right - hammock baths are a thing now. This innovative bathtub is designed with the sloping sides and curved interior of a hammock - it even stays suspended in the air, not touching the floor. Whereas typical bath shapes will have you bent at the knees, hammocks are designed to take your weight and distribute it so your entire body is supported. Ultimate comfort, and it’s amazing to look at too. 

(Image credit: SplinterWorks)

If you want one of these beauties, SplinterWorks is the site to go to. You'll need to contact SplinterWorks directly if you want a quote though, as these tubs are custom made of carbon fibre. 

4:  Aromatherapy handshowers 

If you’re after a zen addition to your bathroom but don’t have the space for a hammock bath, you’ll love Moen’s new aromatherapy handshower. You can now attach aromatherapy shower capsules straight to your shower head to infuse with essential oils. 

(Image credit: Moen)

Customize your shower with options to increase the concentration of the oil in your shower, and pick between four fragrances. Options include a ‘zen’ fragrance, with lavender, tea tree and vanilla, ‘sweet morning’, ‘tropical day’ and ‘energetic morning’. A great way to start your morning, and the refreshing scents will linger in your bathroom all day. With five spray functions, this has got to be one of the best handheld shower heads out there. It's currently a Bed, Bath and Beyond exclusive and it only launched in late January. 

 5: Odor-resistant front load washers 

Winner of the Gold Award at KBIS, the GE UltraFresh Front Load Washer is quickly becoming one of the best front load washers money can buy. With an emphasis on antimicrobial and odor-control technologies, GE aims to resolve one of the most common washing machine complaints - odor. 

(Image credit: GE)

An innovative vent system introduces airflow to your washer door, to prevent excess moisture and subsequent bacteria and odor development when you close the machine door between washes. It also has SmartDispense, meaning you can put a full bottle of detergent, enough to wash 32 loads, into your machine. It’ll dispense the right amount every time, depending on the wash cycle you choose.

Having launched in January, it's on sale right now at Best Buy for under $900. A great deal. 

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