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76% of Americans support another 2 weeks of lockdown, poll finds

76% of Americans support another 2 weeks of lockdown, poll finds
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50% of Americans say they, or someone in their household, has either lost working hours or a job because of the coronavirus crisis, which is a rise from 18% of Americans from last month, according to a new poll from NPR. Despite this, a Business Insider poll has found that 76% of Americans support, or strongly support, locking down for at least another two weeks. On the other side, just 11% of Americans were against further lockdown measures, with 4% being strongly opposed.

Although they've been drawing a lot of media attention, NPR's poll suggests that those protesting lockdown across the country are a significant minority. Without further testing, 85% believe it would be a bad idea to re-open schools. 65% are also against going back to work without further testing for the coronavirus. 80% are against re-opening restaurants, and a massive 91% think that it would be a bad idea to re-open sporting events.

US fatalities pass 60,000 mark

The US has over 1.06 million confirmed cases of COVID-19 nationwide, of a total 5.8 million tested. This accounts for nearly a third of coronavirus cases, worldwide. However, a recent poll revealed that 93% of those with COVID-19 symptoms didn’t get tested, meaning the real number could be significantly higher.

The news comes as the number of Americans who have sadly died of coronavirus passes 60,000. There has also been an increase in the projected death poll, with a further 14,000 deaths now predicted, bringing the expected total to 74,000 by August. The prediction is, in part, due to the increased levels of mobility being detected nationwide, according to Dr. Chris Murray, director of the University of Washington’s Institute for Help Metrics and Evaluation. Speaking to CNN, Dr. Murray warned that increased mobility would prolong their recommended period of lockdown.

"Our forecast now is for 74,000 deaths. That’s our best estimate. The range is pretty wide because there’s a lot of unknown factors there, but our best estimate is going up, and we see these protracted, long peaks in some states," Murray said.

Coronavirus: 26.5 million unemployed

The calls for continued lockdown measures come despite the fact that many are facing unprecedented levels of financial strain. In the US, over 26.5 million workers have filed for unemployment benefits in the last month alone. However, three-quarters of jobless Americans missed out on receiving their unemployment benefits in March, with huge disparities emerging between states. This is leading many to turn to personal loans online to consolidate debts, as research has suggested that around 77% of lower-income families will exhaust their rainy day funds within three months.

For those struggling to make ends meet, we've written a helpful guide on what to do if you can't pay your mortgage. If you're facing weeks of further lockdown, we've rounded up the best of the free trials and activities to do online right now. 

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