Walmart’s ‘Express Delivery’ program will deliver your groceries in under 2 hours - here’s how to sign up

Walmart’s ‘Express Delivery’ program will deliver your groceries in under 2 hours - here’s how to sign up
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Getting your groceries nowadays isn't easy: if you choose to get them yourself, you need to be prepared to wait in long lines and to expect shortages. If you opt for one of the best grocery delivery services, you may be faced with fewer available time slots and delayed deliveries as more and more people choose not to take the risk to potentially expose themselves to the novel coronavirus. 

Walmart Grocery is one of services that people are turning to during this time, simple because it's a big box store present all over the country, and that you can get almost anything from Walmart, from electronics to clothing to food. And while it, too, has experienced its fair share of delivery woes, it's forging forward with ways to prioritize customers' health and well being while  providing the essentials. 

Walmart recently partnered with Nextdoor to initiate the 'Neighbors Helping Neighbors' program, which allows people to ask for or offer help in picking up groceries and other needs from Walmart store locations. And now, Walmart has introduced a two-hour delivery service for groceries, electronics, and more called 'Express Delivery.'

That's right, you can now get your essentials (and non-essentials) delivered to your doorstep in under 2 hours after ordering. But how does it work?

Walmart's Express Delivery: How does it work?

Walmart will get groceries to your door in under 2 hours if you opt for Walmart's Express Delivery. But it doesn't come free: it will cost $10 on top of existing delivery fees. If you have the Delivery Unlimited subscription service, you don't have existing delivery fees, but you will still pay the $10 for fast delivery (Delivery Unlimited costs $98 annually or $12.95 per month.)

If Express Delivery is available at your local Walmart store, you’ll be able to select that option when you check out your online cart. But you'll need to have a minimum of $30 worth of items to be able to get any kind delivery.

Your local Walmart may not have the program in place just yet, but expect to see it implemented at most Walmart stores by the end of May. 

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