A Tank Full of Savings: The HP Neverstop Laser Tank 1202w

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In a perfect world, your printer would be a seamless part of your business. A piece of equipment that's reliable, easy to configure, and easy to use. A productivity enabler that saves you both time and money.

Unfortunately, we don't live in a perfect world.

Much has been written about the myriad woes of office printers. Their cumbersome, arcane setup processes. Their obstinate insistence on failing at the worst possible moment. And their price. 

Whether you're using a laser printer or an ink printer, the price of replacement cartridges is best described as 'highway robbery.' 

HP aims to change that, and the Neverstop Laser Tank 1202w represents its first step in doing so. Part of the Neverstop printer line, it's the first multifunction laser printer ever released in the United States to use a toner tank instead of a toner cartridge. Retailing at $330, it provides the best of both worlds, offering speed and quality coupled with greater cost savings than a traditional laser and injket printer.

This means that print jobs on the Neverstop cost less than a penny a page versus three cents a page with other in-class printers. 

The Neverstop also comes with 5000 pages of preloaded toner included, meaning right out of the box it offers up to seven times the number of print jobs of other, comparable models. HP provides a Toner Reload Kit for when the initial tank runs out, offering up to 2500 pages. That's significantly more than most other toner cartridges, and approximately 2.5 times more than comparable HP products. 

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Quantity isn't what makes the Toner Reload Kit impressive, though. It's the fact that it costs only sixteen dollars. Other toner cartridges, especially for business-class printers, usually cost upwards of $60, and may even run you several hundred. 

The Neverstop Laser Tank 1202w prints in black and white, and features a built-in scanner and USB 2.0 functionality. Its low operating costs are enough on their own to justify purchasing it for your home office or small business, but that isn't the only value it offers. The HP Smart app is also a huge draw. 

Rather than requiring you to fiddle with cables, drivers, or an install disc, it allows you to configure the printer entirely from your smartphone.

It's once things are up and running that it really comes into its own, though. With the HP Smart App, your smartphone or tablet becomes a mobile workstation, allowing you to easily download, print, save, and scan documents while out of the office. You can even connect to your printer from multiple devices, ensuring anyone in your organization can print with ease, no matter where they are.  

Better yet, the Smart Tasks feature allows you to automate your most common workflows, allowing you to manage print and scan jobs with a single tap. 

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Oftentimes, purchasing an affordable printer means having to make some sort of sacrifice. Speed, quality, functionality, and so on. With the HP Neverstop Laser Tank 1202w, you don't need to worry about that. It's fast, efficient, and cost-effective - the perfect addition to your small business. And available now.  

(Image credit: HP)
HP Neverstop Laser 1202w Multifunction Printer

HP Neverstop Laser 1202w Multifunction Printer

Wireless, high-capacity toner tank that scans and lets you save on toner