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Best Desktop Publishing Software for Small Businesses

Desktop Publishing Software delivers professional options and style for people and businesses wanting save time and money by avoiding the big printing stores. Recently, Top Ten Reviews found the best desktop publishing software offering project variety, comprehensive editing tools and an approachable interface.

"Companies don't need to spend so much money at printing stores," said Lecia Monsen, Managing Editor for Top Ten Reviews. "We are able to create our certificates and banners with this software for a fraction of the price. It just makes financial sense."

The Top 3:

1. PagePlus X6: This desktop publishing software caters to beginners. Offering multiple projects and several templates for every project, new users can create their visions without any hassle. After a template is selected, any element can easily be edited. PagePlus X6 reads and edits PDF files from other programs. This software also handles larger projects, like eBooks.

2. Print Artist Platinum 24: While offering templates, this desktop publishing software offers blank templates for anyone wanting to make a truly unique project. Print Artist caters to beginners by offering a simple three-step design process. This software offers more than 1,000 fonts for all projects. When a project is finished, users get numerous ways to print and share.

3. The Print Shop Professional 3.0: This desktop publishing software caters to small businesses, offering letterhead stationery, business forms, menus and more. It also allows for web publishing. Users can edit and manipulate text and photos with a variety of tools.

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What Makes a Top-Notch Desktop Publishing Software?

The cost of design and printing services can be prohibitively high. Investing in a desktop publishing software package gives small businesses a cost-effective option for designing and sharing print projects without relying on expensive professional services. The software needs to offer a variety of projects, strong editing tools and an easy interface. Desktop publishing software must perform well in the following categories.

Projects: From menus to banners and certificates to eBooks, desktop publishing software needs to provide templates for any project. The best software will also allow editing of any template.

Photo & Text Tools: Good software will come loaded with a wide array of pictures and graphics, but great software will allow users to upload and edit pictures at text as needed. Text tools should also allow multiple fonts and styles in one box.

Ease of Use: Since desktop publishing software should replace the expensive printing stores and professional designers, users need to feel confident without any design experience. Great software will make the process easy and approachable to any user without hurting the quality of the final product.

Help & Support: Users will have questions, and the more contact options, the better. Top-ranking software offers telephone support, email, live chat, FAQs and user forums.

With an easy and powerful desktop publishing software, small businesses can cut their printing expenses dramatically. Great software will offer strong functionality and allow almost anyone to create a variety of impressive projects.

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