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Best Video Downloader Software

Best Video Downloaders: Save YouTube and Facebook Videos

We spent more than 40 hours testing 13 video downloader programs to find the best ones. Our favorite is AllMyTube from Wondershare. This software is easy to use, offers a multitude of features and lets you download online video from more than 1,000 websites. In addition, you can optimize the video you download to play on more than 100 devices, and this software can convert your download into 16 formats. Unlike any of the other programs we tested, this one also offers a mobile app that you can use to store and watch videos you’ve downloaded from the internet.

ProductPriceOverall RatingPriceDownload & ConvertEase of UseHelp & SupportVimeoDailymotion FacebookVevoYouTubeBrowser Plug-inDownload ManagerAuto DownloadUsability ScoreIntegrated Browser or SearchOne-click Download & ConvertWindowsMacDevice Conversion ChoicesWi-Fi TransferVideo Format ConverterDownload HD VideoChoose Video ResolutionVideo Format Conversion ChoicesDownload Audio OnlyCompanion Mobile AppLive ChatFAQ or KnowledgebaseSocial Media SupportEmail
AllMyTubeView Deal4.5/58.5101010100%100+16
iTube StudioView Deal4/58.57.2107.599%100+11
Replay Media CatcherView Deal3.5/557.1105100%100+10
GetFLVView Deal3/
Download Accelerator PlusView Deal4/
Video Downloader UltimateView Deal3.5/5102.77.8585%
Total Video DownloaderView Deal3.5/58.347.7590%
RipTiger FullView Deal3/$
Leawo YouTube DownloaderView Deal3/$
YouTube HD Video ConverterView Deal3.5/58.567.9596%128

Best Overall



Optimizes downloaded videos for more than 100 mobile devices.
Can download only the audio portion of a video.
Transfers downloaded videos directly to your mobile device via Wi-Fi.
Can’t automatically download videos as you browse the web.
Downloads videos in 480p resolution by default.
Limits to 10 simultaneous downloading and converting tasks.

AllMyTube has nearly every feature we look for in video downloader software. It can download videos from virtually any service, convert them to 16 formats and even optimize them for playback on more than 100 mobile devices.

There are two ways to download videos with AllMyTube: You can paste a video’s URL into the software, or you can use a browser plugin to start downloading with just one click.

By default, the program downloads videos at 480p resolution. However, you can manually change the resolution in the settings or when you download a video. If there’s an HD version of a video available, you can download it or choose a lower resolution, depending on your needs.

Unlike some of its competitors, AllMyTube lets you download just the audio from a video. This is useful if you want to download a lecture, music or anything else where sound is the main attraction.

Another feature that sets AllMyTube apart is its companion mobile app, Wondershare Player for Android. With the app, you can store, manage and watch videos you’ve download. This is convenient if you want to watch videos in places you don’t have an internet connection. We would like to see AllMyTube’s app in the Apple App Store as well.

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Best Value

Video Downloader Ultimate

Video Downloader Ultimate

It’s the least expensive downloader software we reviewed.
All of its tools are accessible from the program’s main window.
A browser plug-in allows you to start downloads as you surf the web.
It cannot convert videos into different file formats.
You can’t optimize your downloads for smartphones, tablets and other devices.
It isn’t available for Mac.

If all you want is to download videos and you don’t need file converter or device optimizer tools, Video Downloader Ultimate is the way to go.

It’s the most basic downloader we reviewed, but it’s also the most discreet as well as quite easy to use.

The main window contains all the program’s tools, and starting a download is as easy as pasting a website address into the search bar. The program returns a list of all the downloadable videos from that page and gives you a list of options. These include selecting the resolution you want as well as the file formats available for that video. You also have the option to download only the audio from a video if you wish.

You can install a browser plug-in that scans for downloadable videos as you browse the internet. This is very convenient if you want to start downloads as you surf the web without switching into the application itself.

Its low price is great, but it’s missing features like the ability to convert downloaded videos into different file formats or optimize them for mobile devices, gaming systems or television sets. But if all you want is raw videos, it’s definitely the smartest buy.

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Best Automatic Downloads

Replay Media Catcher

Replay Media Catcher

Automatically downloads videos as they played in your browser.
Optimizes videos for more than 100 devices.
Works on both Windows and Mac machines.
Can convert downloads into only 10 video formats.
Lacks a browser plug-in
Lacks live chat support.

Replay Media Catcher gives you excellent options for capturing videos from the internet, converting them into various file formats and optimizing them for playback on all kinds of mobile devices, including cell phones, tablets and gaming systems.

This easy-to-use application works nicely with both Mac and Windows devices.

You start with the software’s main window. When you paste a video’s URL into the window, the software puts it into a download queue. The application lets you choose which version you want to download, and the downloading process goes quickly. After that, you can change the video file format so it’s compatible with your media player as well as optimize your new video so you can watch it on mobile devices.

This software can automatically download videos while you watch them in your browser. This is convenient for archiving proposes or just for saving time if you download a lot of videos. It also detects when live streams are active and lets you record them as they happen.

While this program can convert files into several formats, there are only 10 choices. This is good as far as it goes, but the best programs we reviewed can convert files into up to 16 formats.

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Fastest Video Downloader

Download Accelerator Plus

Download Accelerator Plus

It has an accelerator engine that maximizes download speeds.
It cannot optimize videos for playback on specific devices.

Of all the video downloader programs we reviewed, Download Accelerator Plus gets videos from the internet onto your computer the fastest.

This is thanks to its acceleration engine, which allows the software to take full advantage of your internet connection’s available bandwidth. And you can convert what your download into 15 video formats, the second highest number among the programs we reviewed.

The program also has an excellent download management system. Videos are organized by completed downloads, videos waiting to be downloaded, converted videos and cancelled downloads. It also has tools that allow you to organize other media like pictures and music.

However, it’s missing some of the features we look for. For example, you can’t choose the resolution you download your videos in, optimize them for specific devices like smartphones and tablets, or start downloading automatically as you browse the web.

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Easiest to Use

iTube Studio

iTube Studio

More than a hundred preprogrammed optimization profiles.
No companion mobile app or Wi-Fi transfer capabilities.

When we tested the best video downloader software, AllMyTube was the clear winner, but iTube Studio gave it a run for its money in several regards.

For example, it has just as many video optimization profiles for your downloaded videos – you can tailor your videos for more than 100 smartphones, tablets, gaming systems, televisions and more.

iTube Studio is also as easy to use as our top pick. Everything flows seamlessly, and the program requires only a video URL to begin a download. You can pick your video’s resolution, choose to download only the audio and convert automatically when the download completes.

There are a couple things that keep it out of the top spot. It has only 11 video format options to choose from, compared to the 16 offered by our top pick. And it lacks a companion mobile app as well as the ability to transfer videos via Wi-Fi. However, even without these missing features, it’s a solid program that anyone can use and absolutely worth the price.

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Why Trust Us?

We have been researching and testing video downloader software since 2012 and have devoted hundreds of hours to finding the best programs. We looked at programs that are easy enough for beginners to use as well as more sophisticated software. As we tested, we considered what each program can do and its price.

During our research, we spoke with Drew Tyler, instructor of digital media at Weber State University. He said one of the chief things to remember about downloading content is to use it for legal purposes. “If you’re downloading something to avoid a purchase or use it for commercial purpose or to make money, you’re crossing a line.” He also told us some of the reasons he downloads videos. “Two main reasons, one is because I want to show a video where I don’t have internet access. The other is collecting parts and pieces of videos to make something else, like completions and demo reels.”

We also spoke to Greg Andersen of Andersen Media in South Weber Utah. He said that downloading videos is sometimes required to finish his work. “Many of my clients show me particular video that they enjoyed and want something similar.” He also pointed out that you may need only the audio portion of a video. “Sometimes clients had a convention where they were the speaker, and they don’t want the video part of it, they just want the audio to integrate into their online platform or share with their own clients.”

Both men stressed the importance of picking software with multiple download options – for example programs that lets you pick the resolution and file format of the video. They also both mentioned that the best programs are simple to use and don’t have a steep learning curve.

How We Tested

We spent more than 40 hours testing video downloader software, which combined with our other research, led to our scoring and ranking the 10 best products on the market. We began with research, checking manufacturer websites, examining products and verifying the marketing claims made about them, then selected 13 applications that looked promising. We then conducted several tests, using the same testing methodology on all 13 applications, to see how well the actual performance compared to the marketing pitch.

We particularly looked at how easy or difficult an application was to use, and we learned that most products we chose were relatively easy. However, some were so complicated they would be problematic for most consumers who have a reasonable level of technological skills. We checked the download and conversion process, what services – such as YouTube, Facebook and the like – synced with software products, and the level of customer support. We found several excellent video download applications on the market, but noted that the best ones offer extra features such as browser plug-ins, file format conversion and the ability to enjoy videos on other kinds of devices besides laptop or desktop computers.

How Much Does Video Downloader Software Cost?

We’ve found that on average, video downloader software costs between $25 and $60, though you can find programs as cheap as $9. Average users shouldn't have to spend more than $30 to get a program that includes the features they need.  

Typically, more expensive programs have extra features – for example, they may automatically download videos you view on the internet, mobile services and apps. High-end software also often has more video conversion formats to choose from. But be wary: Not all the programs' prices are justified. For instance, AllMyTube had some of the best features and tools of all of the software we tested and only costs $30. In comparison, GetFLV costs $60 but lacks high-end features and is less user-friendly. 

What to Look for in Video Downloader Software

How Much Does Video Downloader Software Cost?

Video downloader software costs anywhere from $9.99 to $59.95. However, the most expensive software isn’t as good as our top choice, which is about $30 cheaper. There’s no need to pay top dollar for this type of program.

Conversion Capabilities
The best video downloaders can convert downloaded videos into other video file formats. This means that if you download an MP4 video, the program can convert it to an AVI, MOV, WMV or any other common format. Some software can automatically convert videos once they finish downloading, which shortens the overall process since you don’t have to manually convert your downloads.

Use With Other Devices
Some software can optimize your download conversion for specific devices, with the best able to have more than 100 preprogrammed optimization files that run the gamut from iOS and Android smartphones and tablets to gaming systems like the PlayStation and Xbox.

The best applications let you to choose the resolution of the video you’re downloading, and many also can capture just the audio content. This is useful if you find a lecture or audio-centric video you like. You simply download the audio, sync it to a mobile device and listen to it the same way you would an audiobook or podcast.

Sharing Sites
It’s essential for any video downloader software to work with YouTube, and it is quite helpful for it to work with other sharing sites as well. The software we examined can download videos from nearly any site.