Best coffee maker under $100: pod and pour-over coffee makers on a budget

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Owning one of the best coffee makers under $100 will mean that you can make your favorite cup of Joe from home whenever you want, and for much less than you can expect to pay at your local coffee house.

Whenever we review machines contesting the best coffee makers, we asses what you're going to be getting for your money. We do this by comparing the list price to the build quality, features, and taste of coffee made. More often than not, the price is punching.

This wasn't the case when we tested the Hamilton Beach 49980A. Our reviewer, Linda Thomson, felt that coffee lovers who take a more minimalistic approach to brewing will be happy with this easy-to-use, inexpensive machine. Our taste-testing panel liked it a lot, too. 

The best coffee maker under $100: tried and tested

Hamilton Beach 49980A

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The Hamilton Beach 49980A 2-Way Brewer is an affordable, programmable coffee maker that offers dual capabilities


Type: Drip coffee maker
No. of functions: 2
Carafe: 12 cup
Dimensions: H13.7 x W12.2 x D10.63in

Reasons to buy

Brews great-tasting coffee
24-hour programmable timer
Warming plate retains heat

Reasons to avoid

Doesn't let you adjust the warming plate temperature

We were impressed with the Hamilton Beach 49980A when we tried it at home. Linda particularly liked the versatility on offer; on one side, you can brew a 12-cup pot of coffee, and on the other side, you can separately brew a single cup or a travel mug of coffee to go. 

On the carafe side of this drip coffee maker, you can either brew coffee at once or program the clock on the front as much as 24 hours in advance so you wake up to freshly made coffee in the pot. You can also choose regular or bold-strength coffee, and if you want to quickly snag a cup of coffee while this is brewing, this machine lets you do that with its brew pause capability. The machine also has a two-hour automatic shut-off function for added safety.

The single-serve side of the machine comes with a mesh filter for coffee grounds, or you can use soft pods of pre-packaged ground coffee. A plastic cup resting underneath the single-side dispenser hoists a cup high enough so that coffee flows into it and does not make a mess. Without the cup rest, there is room for a 14-ounce travel mug, which is not included. The carafe side uses paper coffee filters in its basket.

The Hamilton Beach 2-Way Brewer

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The newer Ninja Dual Brew Pro is a close rival to this drip coffee maker. It, too, can switch between a single cup or carafe for making coffee, but it has tons of variety in terms of size and brew styles. That said, there is a $100 difference in the list price.

Linda felt that although some consumers might be disappointed that they cannot do a variety of things with it, the Hamilton Beach 49980A  is still a decent coffee machine that can brew a whole pot or a cup of great-tasting coffee. This is a good enough reason for us to pin this machine as the best coffee maker under $100 that you can buy. 

We're tracking coffee maker deals throughout the year, so who's to say that you won't be in a position to pick up the Hamilton Beach 49980A even cheaper? With sales events such as Amazon Prime Day and Black Friday firmly cemented in our minds, it would be worth bookmarking this page so you have quick access to the best coffee makers for under $100 whenever you need one.

More coffee makers under $100

Famiworths Single Serve Coffee Maker: $69.99 from Amazon

Famiworths Single Serve Coffee Maker: $69.99 from Amazon

This clever and compact coffee maker is compatible with K-cups as well as ground coffee, and it can brew a cup of any size between six and 14 ounces for the perfect kick-start to your day. It's really easy to use, simple to clean and most importantly of all, makes great coffee.

Keurig K-Compact Single-Serve K-Cup Pod Coffee Maker$99.99 from Amazon

Keurig K-Compact Single-Serve K-Cup Pod Coffee Maker $99.99 from Amazon 

Keurig will probably be at the top of your list of options if you're looking for a single-serve coffee maker. At just over 8-inches wide it doesn't claim too much countertop space. It’s also easy to use, allowing you to brew a six, eight, or ten-oz cup of coffee in under a minute.

Keurig K-Iced coffee maker: $99.95 from Amazon

Keurig K-Iced coffee maker: $99.95 from Amazon

Keurig knows a thing or two about great coffee, and the K-Iced may sound like a member of a boy band but it's a fun and capable coffee maker for hot and cold brewing alike. Whether you want a cold brew or an intensely full-flavored cup of hot coffee the Keurig delivers both with ease.

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How we test

How we review the best coffee makers under $100

Why you can trust Top Ten Reviews Our expert reviewers spend hours testing and comparing products and services so you can choose the best for you. Find out more about how we test.

We take making coffee at home very seriously. The TopTenReviews team enjoy an americano, espresso, cappuccino, or latte, and we also like to spend only what we have to to get a decent cup of Joe.

Our experts take a few weeks to test coffee makers on review, which gives us ample time to set up the machine, clean it before first use, and make a selection of coffees. The factors we look out for during testing include the ease of set-up, the number of settings and functions, cleaning and maintenance, and (most importantly) how the coffee tastes. 

When that's all said and done, we measure our criteria against the list price to create an overall score for the coffee maker. This determines the value-for-money, which is essential to know before you buy, and for the longevity of the machine.


Are cheap coffee machines worth it?

The price for coffee makers ranges from $50 - $3000, and the difference can be wild. If you're not looking for multiple functions or programs, a cheap coffee machine can be absolutely worth it. You'll easily recoup your money with a dozen or so brews, and it'll mean that you can master a barista-style coffee without leaving the house.

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