Can you grill a pizza?

Can you grill pizza?
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Pizza is a foolproof choice for entertaining. But can you grill a pizza? The good news is that not only can you grill pizza, but it takes the taste to another level. Once you’ve tried it, you’ll never look back. Grilling pizza helps you achieve the ultimate crispy base and adds a hit of smoky flavor.

If you’re planning a barbecue this summer, why not add grilled pizza to the menu? It’s a crowd-pleasing option – your guests can even choose their own toppings for a personalized touch. Check out our picks of the best gas grills and the best infrared grills that deliver a consistent cook. 

First time grilling pizza? With a few simple steps, you can achieve a pro-finish and nail the all-important crispy base. We ask the experts: “can you grill a pizza?” and get their insider tips. Avoid any culinary disasters with a few simple hacks. Alternatively, if you prefer to make a pizza from scratch and cook it in a dedicated device then check out our guide to the best pizza ovens.

Can you grill a pizza?

What the expert says…

“Grilling pizza gives you the option of adding a boost of flavor from the smoke of charcoal or optional wood chips used in gas grills,” says Vanessa La Branche, Chef Instructor for Cozymeal and expert on SKILLR.

So, can you grill a pizza? If you’ve not already grilled a pizza, you’re missing out. Grilling is a superb choice for pizza as it can enhance the flavor and fire up your tastebuds. 

With pizza, it’s all about the base. Unlike your regular oven, a grill can reach super-hot temperatures. This is the secret to a crispy finish. “You want to grill pizza outside in the sweltering summer months to avoid a hot kitchen,” adds Vanessa LaBranche.

For best results, preparation is essential. “Make sure your grill is hot and the grill grates are oiled before attempting to grill your pizza,” says Vanessa. While you may be tempted to start, it’s worth waiting for the grill to heat up. 

Want to avoid the disappointment of an uneven finish? Vanessa has this advice: “When using raw dough, it must be grilled and cooked through before adding the toppings so that everything cooks thoroughly.” If you’re using meat toppings you’ll definitely want to cook those in advance to ensure they are cooked through. 

Not sure if your base is ready? “The dough should look puffed up with air bubbles, and the bottom should be lightly browned,” says Vanessa. Transfer the base onto a rimless cookie sheet or pizza peel to add your toppings. Remember, less is more. “Do not add too many toppings, as this can create a soft crust and not result in the desired crisp texture,” suggests Vanessa. Grill for another two to three minutes until the crust is slightly charred. 

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