10 coffeeshop coffee recipes to recreate with your Keurig machine

Coffee in front of Keurig K-Supreme SMART coffee maker
(Image credit: Future / Camryn Rabideau)

The very first pod coffee makers may have been limited to making hot coffee, but these days, the best Keurig coffee makers are much more versatile. Because you’re able to adjust a drink’s size, temperature, strength, and more, you can make a seemingly endless number of coffeeshop-style beverages using your Keurig. All you need is the right ingredients and a sense of adventure.

Keurig makes some of the best coffee makers we’ve tested, and I currently have a middle-of-the-line model in my kitchen: the K-Supreme SMART, which I awarded 4.5 stars on test. I love it for its adjustable settings and large water tank, but you can make many of these fancy drinks with more basic models from the brand, too. 

If you’re ready to expand your culinary repertoire, here are ten of the best barista-style coffee drinks I’ve made with my Keurig, and the supplies you’ll need to recreate them at home. 

What you'll need to make coffeeshop coffee with a Keurig 

You might be surprised at how many different drinks you can make with your Keurig beyond basic hot coffee and tea. To make these 10 coffee shop-inspired beverages, I used the Keurig K-Supreme SMART Coffee Maker (available at Keurig and Amazon), which has a handy brew-over-ice setting, five temperature options, and six brew strength adjustments. Some of the drinks I made do require a brew-over-ice feature, but most of the others can be made with any Keurig model, even basic ones like the Keurig K-Mini Plus.

In addition to your coffee maker, you’ll also need a variety of K-cups to make these drinks. I used Green Mountain Nantucket Blend ($12.98 for 24 K-Cups at Amazon) for the coffee-based drinks, but a few of the fancier options required iced coffee K-cups ($41.24 for 96 K-Cups at Amazon) or other specialty beverages. Two of the frozen drinks also needed a blender. 

If you haven’t already, I’d also recommend downloading the Keurig app for recipe inspiration. There are dozens of unique drink recipes within the app—that’s where I found most of the beverages I made.  

How to froth milk at home

If you want to open up a new world of fancy coffee drinks, it’s worth investing in a milk frother for your kitchen. These devices are used to heat up and aerate milk, creating a thick foam that’s key for drinks like lattes and cappuccinos. Some Keurigs, such as the K-Café Coffee Latte & Cappuccino Maker, come with a built-in frother, but the brand also has several standalone models, such as the K-Cafe Essentials Frother. 

In a pinch, you can also froth milk without one of these tools. Just warm it up in the microwave or on the stovetop, then whisk vigorously to create foam. It won’t be as thick as the foam created with a true frother, but it will still get the job done. Handheld milk frothers will also get the job done, but they don’t heat up the liquid. 

Iced coffee: A summer essential

Iced coffee made with the Keurig K-Supreme SMART coffee maker

Many Keurig machines have the 'brew over ice' function. (Image credit: Future / Camryn Rabideau)

If your Keurig has a “brew over ice” option, you can easily make delicious iced coffees — my go-to drink when the weather is hot. The brand has lots of K-cup varieties that are designed for iced beverages, and they deliver a stronger brew that can withstand being watered down by ice. I like to add cream and sugar to my iced coffee for a smoother, sweeter drink, but it’s quite tasty all on its own, too.

Cappuccino: Smooth and milky

Cappuccino made with the Keurig K-Supreme SMART coffee maker

Once you know how to make a cappuccino, you can also make other espresso drinks like lattes and flat whites. (Image credit: Future / Camryn Rabideau)

Even if you don’t have a Keurig model that can make shots of espresso, there are still ways to recreate your favorite coffee shop drinks. 

To make a hot cappuccino, start by brewing your favorite coffee in the smallest drink size your Keurig offers. For me, that’s 6 ounces. My Keurig model also lets you increase the brew strength to pack lots of flavor into the “shot.” 

I used my handheld frother to whip up thick foam in some milk, then put the drink together. Cappuccinos are made with one third espresso, one third milk, and one third foam, but you can also change up the ratio to create other espresso drinks like lattes or flat whites. 

Iced caramel latte: A coffee shop specialty

Iced caramel latte made with the Keurig K-Supreme SMART coffee maker

The perfect sweet treat. (Image credit: Future / Camryn Rabideau)

One of my favorite drinks to order at my local coffee shop is an iced caramel latte, so I was excited to find out I could make this sweet beverage at home — it’s the perfect mid-afternoon pick-me-up!  

Using the same trick of brewing a coffee pod on my machine's smallest setting, I brewed some “espresso” to pour over ice. I topped it with frothed milk, a pump of caramel syrup, and some caramel drizzle on top. It’s so good and surprisingly easy to make, and it’s definitely going to save me some money now that I can make these drinks at home. 

Cream soda iced latte: Bubbly delight

Cream soda latte made with the Keurig K-Supreme SMART coffee maker

An unlikely but tasty pairing. (Image credit: Future / Camryn Rabideau)

When I saw Keurig’s recipe for Dr Pepper Vanilla Caramel Iced Coffee, I was intrigued. I liked the idea of combining coffee and cream soda to give my afternoon drink a bit of bubbly goodness, and while it didn’t end up being my favorite drink ever, I’m sure there are people who would love it. 

The recipe calls for a vanilla coffee brewed over ice in your Keurig, mixed with cream soda, a splash of half and half, and a bit of sweetener. The cream soda flavor didn’t come through as much as I’d like, so next time, I might try decreasing the amount of coffee and adding more soda.

Dirty chai latte: Warm and spicy

Dirty chai latte made with the Keurig K-Supreme SMART coffee maker

A creamy way to enjoy the warming and satisfying chai flavors. (Image credit: Future / Camryn Rabideau)

I absolutely love the Café Escapes Chai Latte K-cups, which have a creamy yet subtly spicy flavor. However, they don’t offer much caffeine, so I like mixing them with a bit of coffee to make a dirty chai latte. 

To make this drink, I brew a 6-ounce cup of chai and a 6-ounce cup of coffee, then mix them together with a splash of milk for a warm, toasty afternoon beverage. It’s perfect for cold winter days, and you can dress it up with some whipped cream and cinnamon for a touch more sweetness. 

Mocha frozen blended coffee: Dessert in a glass

Mocha frozen blended coffee made with Keurig K-Supreme SMART coffee maker

Blended and frozen - the best way to make a mocha more indulgent.  (Image credit: Future / Camryn Rabideau)

If you like café mochas, which are essentially chocolate lattes, you’ll love  this mocha frozen blended coffee. As its name suggests, it does require a blender to make, but the extra effort is worth it for an indulgent coffee-based treat. 

For this frozen drink, you brew a small cup of your favorite coffee, then add it to a blender with ice, milk, chocolate sauce, and sweetener (if needed). Once everything is blended together, you’ll have a decadent icy drink that will satisfy your sweet tooth and help you power through the day.

Maple cinnamon cappuccino: Sweet fall flavors

Maple cinnamon cappuccino made with Keurig K-Supreme SMART coffee maker

A new way to enjoy fall's seasonal flavors. (Image credit: Future / Camryn Rabideau)

Fall is my favorite season - both thanks to the cooler weather and the seasonal flavors. To put an autumn-inspired twist on a classic cappuccino, I used maple syrup as a sweetener and topped it with a bit of ground cinnamon. It tastes like fall in a glass, and I think it would make a tasty combination for an iced latte as well.  

Iced pumpkin pie coffee: A seasonal favorite

Iced pumpkin pie coffee made with Keurig K-Supreme SMART coffee maker

For fans of the pumpkin spiced latte. (Image credit: Future / Camryn Rabideau)

Pumpkin spice is another iconic autumn flavor, and I always stock up on limited edition pumpkin-flavored K-cups when they’re released in the fall. 

One of my favorite ways to enjoy this sweet, spicy fall flavor is in an iced pumpkin coffee. I brew a pumpkin-flavored K-cup over ice, then mix in a little bit of sweetener and cream—it’s simple but a 10/10 in my book. Sometimes if I’m feeling fancy, I’ll even add a little bit of whipped cream and cinnamon sugar on top.   

Frozen triple hot chocolate: Deliciously indulgent

Frozen triple hot chocolate made with Keurig K-Supreme SMART coffee maker

Cocoa, chocolate milk, and chocolate drizzle? A real treat. (Image credit: Future / Camryn Rabideau)

If a regular hot chocolate isn’t enough to satisfy your chocolate cravings, this fancy frozen triple hot chocolate will surely do the trick. I’ll admit that it’s a bit more complicated to make than other drinks, but the results are worth it.

To whip up this chocolatey frozen drink, you brew two hot cocoa K-cups — I used the Café Escapes Dark Chocolate pods—over ice, then add the cocoa to a blender with ice and chocolate milk. (Because the more chocolate, the better.) Blend everything up, then pour it into a serving glass with some chocolate drizzle. It’s basically dessert in a glass!

English breakfast latte: A new morning drink

English breakfast latte made with Keurig K-Supreme SMART coffee maker

An upgrade to an English classic. (Image credit: Future / Camryn Rabideau)

Keurigs don’t just make coffee—they’re also perfect for hot drinks like tea. The brand does have tea K-cups, but you can also just use the machine to dispense hot water and steep your favorite tea bag. That’s what I did to make an English breakfast latte

Once the tea had steeped for a few minutes, I topped it off with some frothed milk, which gave it a nice creamy texture. A little sweetener, and it was a delicious alternative to my morning coffee.

Final thoughts

Many people think that Keurig coffee makers are solely used for hot coffee, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. With the right K-cups, you can make a wide variety of drinks with your Keurig, including everything from cappuccinos and lattes to frozen hot chocolate and more. 

When you have the Keurig app and a well-stocked pantry, you can recreate all your favorite coffee shop drinks—and save yourself a little money on take-out beverages.  

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