Keurig K-Supreme SMART Coffee Maker review: a versatile pod coffee maker

The Keurig K-Supreme SMART Coffee Maker is customizable, but its "smart" features aren't super-useful.

Keurig K-Supreme SMART Coffee Maker
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Top Ten Reviews Verdict

The Keurig K-Supreme Smart Coffee Maker is surprisingly versatile for a pod-based machine. You can customize your drink’s strength, temperature, and size and brew certain drinks directly over ice. It makes a great cup of coffee or hot chocolate, but its smart features don’t offer much value daily.


  • +

    Automatically recognizes K-cups

  • +

    Adjustable settings for strength and temperature

  • +

    Brews drinks quickly

  • +

    Two position options for the water tank


  • -

    Must be connected to Wi-Fi

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The first Keurig models were quite basic and, frankly, didn’t make the best coffee, but today, the brand has really upped its game, creating high-tech single-serve coffee makers like the Keurig K-Supreme SMART. This model offers an impressive amount of drink customization, allowing you to fine-tune everything from your brew strength to water temperature, and it even connects to your home’s Wi-Fi network, allowing you to control it via your smartphone. 

The Keurig K-Supreme SMART is one of the more expensive single-serve machines available from the brand, retailing for around $180 at full price. In addition to drink customization, this model offers useful features like a dual-position water tank and raised screen, and it’s actually quite compact, so it won’t take up too much space in smaller kitchens.  

However, can this single-serve coffee machine measure up against the best coffee makers? We tested the Keurig K-Supreme SMART for a month to see how it performed in terms of usability and drink quality, and while we were impressed by its versatility, there were a few quirks worth noting before you decide to buy it.  

Keurig K-Supreme: Key specs

  • Dimensions: 12.2H x 7.9W x 12D inches
  • Weight: 5.8 pounds
  • Reservoir Capacity: 66 ounces
  • Brew Size: 6, 8, 10, or 12 ounces
  • Settings: 5 strength and 6 temperature options
  • Phone Compatibility: iOS 13 or Android 8 and higher
  • Wi-Fi Requirements: 2.4 GHz 
  • Colors: Black, Gray, White
Camryn Rabideau
Camryn Rabideau

Camryn Rabideau is a freelance writer and product tester, and she’s tested hundreds of small kitchen appliances over the course of her career, including close to a dozen coffee makers. She does all her testing from her homestead in Rhode Island, where she lives with her partner and their many animals. 

Camryn starts daily with a cup of coffee, which she makes using her Wolf Gourmet drip coffee maker. In the afternoon, she generally reaches for a hot drink to go with her 3 p.m. snack—her favorite options include chai lattes, green tea, and hot chocolate. 

Keurig K-Supreme: First impressions

(Image credit: Future)

Keurig K-Supreme: First impressions

While unboxing the K-Supreme, I was happy to find that it was mostly packaged in recyclable materials, such as cardboard. The machine was wrapped in a styrofoam-type bag to prevent scratching, but minimal plastic was involved, which is always nice. 

The Keurig was quick and easy to set up. After removing the packaging, I just had to install the water filter, which is a small fabric pod filled with charcoal inside. The directions said to soak the filter in water for five minutes, then rinse it for another minute. From there, I simply had to insert it into the included “handle” and put both pieces into the water tank. After that, I filled up the water tank and was ready to start brewing. 

Keurig K-Supreme: Price & availability

The Keurig K-Supreme SMART Coffee Maker retails for $179.99, making it one of the more expensive single-serve coffee machines from the brand. You can purchase it directly from the Keurig website, but it’s also available from major retailers like Amazon, Best Buy, and Target

Score: 4/5 

Keurig K-Supreme: Design

(Image credit: Future)

Keurig K-Supreme: Design

The Keurig K-Supreme SMART is fairly compact and lightweight, and the exterior is made from plastic. The machine comes in black, gray, and white colors, and while its handle is designed to look like stainless steel, it’s actually just silver plastic. 

The K-Supreme has a 66-ounce plastic water tank with an easy-to-hold handle, which makes it easy to remove for refilling. One of the unique features of this Keurig is that the water reservoir can be arranged in two orientations—either directly behind the body or off to the side. To switch between the two positions, you have to flip the machine over and reroute the water tubes on the bottom, but it’s quick and easy to do. I love the versatility this offers, and when you have the tank in the back, the machine is quite narrow, measuring around 6 inches wide. 

This Keurig model also has a more detailed control panel and menu than other models. It has a digital screen on top that’s slightly raised to make it easier to see, and it has designed buttons for drink strength and temperature, as well as its four different brew sizes—6, 8, 10, and 12 ounces. There are five strength settings and six temperature options, giving you much more granular control over your drink. Additional buttons allow you to brew a drink directly over ice or dispense hot water. I found the machine’s controls very intuitive to use, and I really liked the “BrewID” feature, which automatically recognizes K-cups and adjusts the settings for optimal brewing. You can adjust them to your preferences if desired, but the recommended settings usually work well. 

Score: 5/5

Keurig K-Supreme: Performance

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Keurig K-Supreme: Performance

Over the course of several weeks, I tested all the different functions of the Keurig K-Supreme, using it to make coffee, other specialty drinks, and even iced beverages. Overall, it performed surprisingly well, but there were a few quirks you’ll want to know about before you commit to this coffee maker. 

Hot Drinks

Most people buy Keurigs to make individual servings of coffee or other hot beverages, and this model definitely excelled in this area. All I had to do was insert a K-cup, and the machine would select the best settings using its BrewID feature. From there, it was simply a matter of picking my drink size and pressing start. 

It only takes a few seconds for the unit to heat up water and start brewing—the K-Supreme works much faster than other Keurigs I’ve tested, which is nice if you’re in a hurry. I tested out various K-cups, including different coffee brews, hot chocolate, hot apple cider, and chai lattes, and all the drinks were flavorful and at the perfect temperature. It quickly became my go-to machine for an afternoon drink, as it’s so much faster and more convenient than brewing coffee in my drip coffee maker. 

Keurig K-Supreme: Hot drinks

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Brew Over Ice

The Keurig K-Supreme can also brew drinks over ice. You need special K-cups to use this function, so I purchased a pack of peach iced tea pods to try it out. Once I inserted the K-cup, the machine directed me to brew into a cup filled with ice, but it said not to brew into a glass container. (I’m guessing this is because the combination of cold ice and hot water could cause glass to break.) I ended up using one of my metal travel mugs filled with ice, and I had to remove the drip catcher at the bottom to fit the tall container under the spout.

This brewing cycle took longer than a regular hot drink, and when it was finished, I’d say around half the ice was melted. However, plenty of cubes remained to keep the drink cold, and the tea was nicely flavorful despite being diluted by the melted ice.

Keurig K-Supreme: Over ice

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Smart Features

One of the main selling points of this coffee maker is that it connects to Wi-Fi, allowing you to use it with the Keurig app on your smartphone. It paired with my iPhone quickly, but besides the BrewID function, I wasn’t overly impressed by the features offered by the app.

In terms of controlling the brewer, there are options to turn on high-altitude brewing, save your favorite brew settings, and schedule a brew in advance. However, if you’re going to schedule a brew in advance, you still have to pre-load the pod. Given how quickly the machine brews, I think it’s just as fast to insert in a pod and press start.

The app has a tab full of “Café Creation” drinks, but most of the “recipes” just highlight different K-cups you can buy. There's a shopping section where you can order Keurig products.

Additionally, I found it frustrating that the brewer doesn’t work properly when it’s not connected to Wi-Fi. Before I synced it up with my home’s internet network, I tried to use the brewer to make a drink, and it just kept showing a message that said, “Please wait” when I inserted a K-cup. I believe this is because it was trying (and failing) to use BrewID. I had to open and shut the lid a few times before it would actually brew my drink. So, even if you don’t plan to use the machine’s smart features, you’ll need to connect it to Wi-Fi for smooth operation.

Score: 4.5/5

Keurig K-Supreme: Ice tea

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Should you buy the Keurig K-Supreme SMART Coffee Maker?

Swipe to scroll horizontally
Price & availabilitySomewhat pricey for a Keurig4/5
DesignEasy to use with a two-position water tank5/5
PerformanceWorks well for hot and iced drinks4.5/5

 Buy it if… 

You want to brew single beverages quickly and easily. 

This Keurig is ideal for making single-serving drinks instead of a whole pot of coffee. It brews in just a minute or two and can make both well-flavored hot and iced beverages. 

You want to be able to customize your coffee. 

This Keurig model offers more brew strength, water temperature, and drink size settings than most others. While it suggests optimal settings based on the K-cup you insert, you can adjust the brew options to suit your tastes and save your favorite settings for later use. 

 Don’t buy it if…  

You don’t want to connect to Wi-Fi. 

One of the main features of this Keurig model is that it’s Wi-Fi connected, and even if you don’t plan on using its smart features, it does need to be connected to your home’s internet to work properly. If you don’t want to connect it to your Wi-Fi, opting for one of the brand’s regular models is best. 

How does the Keurig K-Supreme compare?

If you don’t want a “smart” coffee machine, the Keurig K-Supreme Single Serve Coffee Maker is a very similar model minus Wi-Fi connectivity. It looks almost identical and has the same dual-position water reservoir, but it doesn’t offer quite as much drink customization as the SMART model. It can brew hot and over ice but only has regular and strong brew strengths. You can’t adjust the brew temperature, either. 

I also recently tested the Keurig K-Mini Plus, which is a more budget-friendly option from the brand. This Keurig model is one of the smallest available and comes in fun colors, but it brews very slowly and tends to splatter quite a bit in the process.  

How I tested the Keurig K-Supreme SMART Coffee Maker

  • Tested for four weeks, making multiple drinks per day
  • Tested a variety of K-cups, including coffee, over-ice beverages, and other specialty drinks

I tested the Keurig K-Supreme SMART over the course of a month, using it as the primary coffee maker in my kitchen. My partner and I used the machine to make hot and iced drinks, and I experimented with the different settings on the machine and the various features offered through the Keurig app. 

Read more about how we test.

Camryn Rabideau
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When she’s not tinkering around with the latest home gadgets, she spends her time working on her homestead in Rhode Island, tending to her animals, working in her garden, or crafting.