Dreo’s Nomad One is a portable tower fan for effective cooling and easy cleaning

Dreo Nomad One in a living room
(Image credit: Dreo)

The Dreo Nomad One is prepared to be your cooling sidekick all summer long, featuring a powerful fan in a compact form factor that’s ready to move. You don’t have to suffer the dog days of summer when you’ve got a tower fan like the Dreo Nomad One, and you can get familiar with the capable little fan now.

The Nomad One is the latest tower fan from Dreo, and it’s packing a lot of capabilities into an economical and compact design that’ll look great in your home.  At just three feet tall and taking up less than a square foot of floor space, the Dreo Nomad One will be easy to find space for just about anywhere in your home, helping it serve you wherever you want to stay cool in your home.

Despite its size, the Dreo Nomad One is boasting powerful and silent cooling power. The specially designed impeller fan is able to produce breezes of up to 24-ft/seconds. All that air movement means hot, humid air won’t get a chance to cling to you and bring on the summer’s oppressive heat. That power comes at a low volume, too, with the Dreo Nomad One maxing out at 48dB and running as low as 34dB for a soothing breeze you could fall asleep to. With four modes and four speeds, you’ll easily be able to dial in a comfortable setting.

Thanks to a 90-degree oscillation range, the Dreo Nomad One makes it simple to maximize the fan’s benefits. You can just set it up in front of you on the couch to cool you and anyone else sitting nearby, or you can set it up in a corner of the room to get the air circulating throughout the space. 

The Dreo Nomad One further optimizes your experience with convenient touch panel controls that make it easy to check settings and dial in your preferences. If you want to stay relaxed and adjust settings on the fan, there’s also a remote control included. Plus, you can leave the fan running with a sleep timer knowing it won’t stay on longer than you want it to. This will help to conserve electricity on top of the savings you get by using an efficiency tower fan instead of an air conditioner. 

Since the Nomad One is going to be doing a lot of work around the house with its portable design, Dreo also ensured it was easy to clean. All the dust that gets caught in fans over the course of their operation won’t be as much of a hassle to deal with in the Dreo Nomad One thanks to its removable rear grille and impeller, which you can simply rinse off to start over fresh and clean.

If you want to see what a helpful partner the Dreo Nomad One can be for you this summer, you can find it on Amazon here or from Walmart