Pros / The reception and clarity are good.

Cons / Its signal range has just a 35-mile radius.

 Verdict / Best for those close to a TV tower, this non-amplified and inexpensive HDTV antenna is worth eliminating your cable bill for.

The AmazonBasics Ultra Thin Indoor TV Antenna is one of the least expensive ways to cut ties with your cable company and get free HD TV shows into your home. It is less than half the cost of some of the best HDTV antennas in our lineup and brings free HD channels into your home.

We tested each antenna in our lineup by setting them up in two locations. The first was in our downtown office. Our testing lab is on the bottom floor of the building, making obstructions such as buildings and trees more of an obstacle to picking up TV signals. The AmazonBasics is a non-amplified HDTV antenna, so it captures TV signals less effectively than amplified models.

The indoor HDTV antenna was able to pick up 24 channels at our office, only two fewer than the ClearStream Micron. We were unable to pick up CBS and a few of its subchannels, even though many of the other antennas we able to do so. We did receive PBS, NBC and HSN. All looked good with minimal breakup or interruption. The best indoor HDTV antennas were able to pick up 32 channels and displayed great quality on all of the stations.

The testing in our second location – a second-story apartment with few obstructions surrounding the building – posted similar results. We were able to receive 26 total channels. This time we were able to receive CBS and its subchannels at full HD quality. Again, we received similar quality on all of the channels we received.

The channel quality was good, but it just didn’t pick up as many channels as other HDTV indoor antennas, especially in our second location, where many of the other antennas received upwards of 35 channels. Please note that the number of channels you receive will vary based on your location.

The AmazonBasics Ultra Thin Indoor TV Antenna is only rated to reach for signals in a 35-mile radius. Many of the amplified antennas including the 1byone search for signal in a 50-mile radius. That means you should purchase this antenna only if you live near a TV tower.

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  • Number of Channels (downtown office)
  • Number of Channels (suburban apartment)
  • Antenna Range
  1. This is the total number of channels we received based on our location.
    More is Better.
  2. 8  AmazonBasics
    24.0 Channels
  3. 32.0 Channels
  4. 26.0 Channels
  5. 18.0 Channels
  6. Category Average
    20.0 Channels


The AmazonBasics HDTV antenna doesn’t have the search radius that amplified models do, so it won't pull in many channels if you aren't near a tower. Even though we received relatively few channels, the channels we got were good HD quality with minimal breakup. Considering it is less than half the price of other antennas, this antenna can be a good choice if you have a TV tower nearby.

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Specifications and Benchmarks


Coaxial Cable Length (feet)
Dimensions (H x W x D)
13 x 12 x .2
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Signal Pickup Quality
Number of Channels (downtown office)
Number of Channels (suburban apartment)
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