Five Creative Tools for Power Editing in VEGAS Pro

The Vegas family of creative software is an intuitive video editing platform that is perfect for experienced video editors and anyone new to video editing. Here we'll walk you through five of the most exciting creative tools in VEGAS Pro that you can use to supercharge your next video project.

Mesh Warp allows you bend the image of your clips to correct or create distortion – this can make for some trippy visuals. Optical Flow lets you create smooth slow-motion footage out of regular video clips by analyzing existing frames to create new frames between them. Smart Split lets you hide a jump cut by creating intermediary frames that smooth out the transition. Planar Motion Tracking can let you tack images or videos onto flat objects in your video clips even if the flat object is moving and changing size in the clip. Lastly, the Color Grading tool can help you make minor tweaks or major shifts in the color of your video.

With these tools and the many more available in VEGAS Pro 17, you can make professional looking videos with ease.