Fix May Flowers’ pollen problem with the Dreo Macro Pro air purifier

Dreo Macro Pro HEPA air purifier in garden
(Image credit: Dreo)

Spring is in the air — literally. The old phrase, “April showers bring May flowers,” paints a rosy picture, but May flowers bring along some added baggage: pollen. The season sees plants and flowers spring to life, but you can feel dead in your tracks with pollen riling up your allergies. But all it takes to breathe a little easier is the Dreo Macro Pro air purifier.

With solid air filtration, your home can become a refuge from the pollen peril of the season. The Dreo Macro Pro is built to filter out pollen, other allergens, and much more from rooms big and small, letting you breathe fresh air everywhere in your home and start each day on the right foot.

Powering the Dreo Macro Pro is a capable, 360-degree air intake fan. This lets the unit pull in and circulate a ton of air, so nothing gets left behind. In small rooms, like a 100-sq.-ft bedroom, it can filter through all the air in just 4.4 minutes. In a bigger 283-sq.-ft room, it’ll clean all the air five times an hour. Even a 679-sq.-ft room will see its air cleaned twice an hour. With that kind of performance, pollen and other allergens simply won’t get a chance to build up.

Dreo Macro Pro HEPA air purifier in living room

(Image credit: Dreo)

So, what’s happening to all the air flowing through the Dreo Macro Pro? First, it’s getting pulled through a large pre-filter. This gathers up dust, lint, hair, and crucially, pollen. That’s your allergy problem solved right there, but it’s only the first stage of cleaning. The second stage is an H13 HEPA filter that can capture 99.97% of particles down to 0.3 microns in size, letting it round up even some viruses and bacteria. Finally, the air passes through an activated carbon layer that absorbs bad odors, formaldehydes, and volatile organic compounds. 

All that is to say, the air that goes in might have seen your allergies flare up, but the air coming out is remarkably fresh. 

Of course, all that pollen is going to keep coming for months. Thankfully, the Dreo Macro Pro is ready for the long-haul in the fight against pollen. The system runs so efficiently, you can operate it at its maximum power setting for a week straight for just 30 cents. That’s all spring and all summer, non-stop, for about the price of a large latte and a muffin. 

You don’t even have to run it at full power to get the benefits, though. The Dreo Macro Pro is able to assess air quality and can adjust its power as needed. You can even run it at night in your bedroom thanks to its ultra-quiet, 20dB volume in Sleep Mode. That’s good for fresh air all night and a spritely start to your day.

If you want to give the air you’re breathing a bit of spring cleaning, you can get the Dreo Macro Pro directly from Dreo and from Amazon.