The Alaska Northern Lights NorthStar 10,000 Sun Lamp creates a broad spectrum of light that can be used for daily treatment of seasonal affective disorder and jetlag. You can carry it with the attached handle and set it up with a variety of installation options. It's a powerful light box that is UV, glare and flicker free. This light's large size allows it to cover a wide area so you won't be confined when using it.

It generates 10,000 lux of broad spectrum light without the damaging UV rays. This lamp's power comes from two internal bulbs. The lamp gives off light temperatures of 4,100 kelvin, which mimics the appearance of natural sunlight. Alaska Northern Lights backs this lamps with a seven-year warranty, which is one of the better ones we have seen.

The bulbs do not flicker so your eyes won't get strained during light therapy sessions. Their placement in the frame prevents visual distractions, so you can use the NorthStar for everyday activities without focusing on the source of light. The cover uses an anti-reflective shield that protects against glare, too. The cover also negates hot spots that sometimes appear on light lamps and ensures even distribution of light.

The sun lamp measures 24 inches wide and 12 inches high, which creates a wide lighting surface. This unit does not require that you face it directly. Instead, you can set it off to the side while you read a book or surf the internet. The sunlight box does not need much surface space on a desk or shelf. It measures 6 inches deep. The weight, however, may limit some uses. This sun lamp weighs 10 pounds, which may be too heavy for some applications. If you would prefer a lamp that doesn't take up a lot of space, you might be interested in the Verilux HappyLight.

NorthStar 10,000's handle adds a level of portability to this device. It rests on the top of the long surface, and you can carry the sun lamp the same way you would a briefcase. This handle does not limit the way you can arrange the device. The light box comes with rubber feet on both sides and also includes wall installation options.

This light therapy lamp requires a corded connection, which limits portability and doesn't allow you to use it without a power connection. Aside from the weight and power cord, the device allows for versatile indoor usage.

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