The Sunlight Jr. Sunbox Light Therapy Lamp delivers wide-spectrum light colors that reach 10,000 lux at a distance of 4 feet. You can use this lamp at home or the office to help you manage mood, sleep and SAD complications. This lightweight unit is a moderate size and requires a plug for power.

The Sunbox measures 14.5 inches tall and 7 inches wide. It produces a wide beam of light, and you can choose its brightness based on where you set the device. At a distance of 2 feet from your face, the unit delivers a full 10,000 lux, but that intensity falls to 5,000 lux at 21 inches. This sunlight lamp does not include any switches to control the light intensity, so the placement of the lamp plays an important role in the overall experience.

The lamp generates a full spectrum light, but the surface diffuser prevents UV rays from escaping. That means you can use the sun lamp every day without damaging your skin. These types of light therapy devices work best when used in the morning, but this lamp does not come with a clock or timer. Instead, the Sunlight Jr. is only a lamp and requires that you manually turn the power on and off. It might not have a ton of convenience features, but it does come with a lifetime warranty.

The box requires standard 110-volt AC to power the 55-watt bulbs. There is not an option for battery power. This sun lamp does not generate any heat, and the anti-flicker design prevents disruptive light fluctuations. The lamp also does not buzz or hum. You can plug it in while you're reading or spending time on the computer without any noise distractions. If you'd prefer a wall-mounted lamp, you should consider the Verilux HappyLight.

Light therapy can help with jetlag symptoms, and the Sunlight Jr. may be used for travel. It weighs about 3.5 pounds, and the triangular design prevents it from rolling when placed on its side. Because it lacks an internal battery, though, it may not make the most effective option for hiking or camping trips, but you can use it in your hotel room to acclimate yourself to foreign time zones.

When you set this sun lamp on a desk or counter, it casts full-color light that measures 10,000 lux. This measurement mirrors the color spectrum of natural sunlight, but the Sunbox sun lamp does not expose you to the same harmful ultraviolet rays.

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