How to light a gas grill

How to light a gas grill
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Want to fire up your grill ready for barbecue season? Cooking with a gas grill is a fantastic way to get that smoky flavor, perfect for summer gatherings. Before you get started, you’ll want to understand how to light a gas grill. So whether you’re a grilling newbie or want a refresher, we’ll take you through how to light a gas grill step by step. 

While you’ll want to check the manual for your specific model, there are similar steps with whatever grill you use. Concerned about safety? We’ve got you covered, as we give you pointers on the key steps to light your grill safely and effectively. 

Ease of ignition is one factor you’ll consider when picking a gas grill. Don’t forget to look at the size and price of the model too. Our guide to the best gas grills will unpack the key considerations. 

So if you want to barbecue like a pro, read on for our guide on how to light a gas grill. 

How to light a gas grill

What the expert says…

Want to avoid rookie errors? “The biggest mistake people make when lighting their grill is not cleaning it first. If your grill has excess fat or oil on it, you might have a burst of flame,” advises Richard Looft, inventor of the Looft Lighter X.

Wondering how to light a gas grill? Be sure to check the manual for your model as the steps may vary. 

Step 1: Don’t forget to lift the lid. It’s a crucial step to prevent gas from building up and potentially causing an explosion. Lighting a grill in an enclosed space is another no-no as it is a fire hazard.

Step 2: After that, you’ll want to check the fittings on the gas cylinders are secure and that there’s no sign of leaks. Make sure all of the burners are turned off. Slowly turn the valves to release the gas. Wait about 60 seconds for the gas to travel along the line.

Step 3: Next, turn on the burner closest to you. You may start the ignition by twisting a knob or pressing a button with premium models. The spark from the ignition will produce a flame when it comes into contact with the gas. If there’s no ignition, light your grill with a match. Opt for a long-handled one to avoid burning your fingers.

Step 4: Once the first burner is alight, turn on the other burners. Wait for five minutes before cooking to allow your grill to warm up and burn off any residual grease.

Struggling with the ignition? If it doesn’t light within ten seconds, turn off the gas for thirty seconds before a second attempt. Pausing will avoid releasing excess gas that could result in a huge flame.

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