Breeo Luxeve Fire Pit review: for premium outdoor heating

Bask smoke-free in the fires of luxury with the Breeo Luxeve Smokeless Fire Pit

breeo luxeve firepit lit
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Turn your backyard into a 5-star resort with the Breeo Luxeve Smokeless Fire Pit. The handmade, durable, smoke-free design will turn heads and provide great memories for years to come.


  • +

    Quality, durable, luxurious design

  • +

    Almost entirely smokeless

  • +

    Easy to use


  • -

    Very expensive

  • -

    Very heavy

  • -

    Glass pieces get everywhere which could be challenging with young kids

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There’s just something unexplainable about sitting around a warm fire with friends and family. Whether enjoying good drinks with loved ones around a cozy fire or roasting marshmallows with the kids, having a nice firepit right in your backyard allows for some truly wholesome memories. 

These days, there is a wide selection of the best firepits available to help you make the most of those long summer nights and if you’re looking to add a little class to your fire pit, the Breeo Luxeve Smokeless fire pit is a pretty compelling option. It comes in a range of color options to match any aesthetic, it’s built to last for years to come, and it has some cool accessories to boot. 

It’s certainly the most expensive fire pit we’ve ever tested, but is it worth the money? Let’s find out. 

Jason Cockerham head shot
Jason Cockerham

Jason has been writing about and reviewing tech gadgets and household products for over 10 years. He spent several years building fires on camping trips and regularly enjoys sharing a drink around the fire with friends and family. 

He and his family have tested this fire pit for a little more than a month in their home with their two young kids and German Shepherd doggie.

Breeo Luxeve Smokeless Fire Pit: First Impressions

The first two things to note about the Breeo Luxeve Smokeless Fire Pit is that it’s big and it’s heavy. The delivery driver literally unloaded a pallet from the truck with a power lift gate and a pallet jack and dropped the whole thing in my garage. To be fair, the pallet also included the Breeo Live Fire Pizza Oven, but even without that, at over 120 pounds, it will almost certainly be delivered the same way. 

It was nice to see how little plastic there was in the unboxing. Literally you open the box and the fire pit is just sitting inside without much extra mess. The pit itself was covered in a thin sheet of Styrofoam primarily to keep the paint on the outside from scratching or chipping. I do wish they could have used something other than Styrofoam, but I understand why it’s there. 

The only plastic, aside from the shrink wrap on the pallet, was the bag the glass rocks came in. 

The fire pit also came with a Stainless Steel cover for the inside drum with a handle for it that attaches with the included screws. 

The only setup involved is getting the fire pit out of the box and placed where you want it. This will absolutely require two or more people to move as again, it weighs over 120 lbs. Pro tip: my wife and I found that grasping and lifting from the rim of the inside drum works best for moving it. Once placed, you simply spread the glass rocks out on the lip around the edge and attach the handle to the lid with the provided screws. That’s it. 

After getting it set up in the center of our back porch, I must say it did look quite nice. It looks just like one of those modern, fancy-looking fireplaces you might see at a swanky restaurant. The white exterior doesn’t necessarily match our backyard décor per se, but the front of our house is painted white so I guess it sort of matches. 

The reason it’s so heavy is because it’s made out of Stainless Steel and the whole thing comes fully assembled. I was immediately impressed with the build quality as it’s easy to see the exceptional craftsmanship that went into building it. There are no mass-produced, factory parts and the entire thing is handcrafted in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. Breeo even backs their build quality with a lifetime warranty so you’ll never have to worry about damage. 

Breeo Luxeve Smokeless Fire Pit: Price & availability

This part is a bit tricky, firstly because as of now, Breeo is only shipping to the US and Canada. I can understand that to some extent because these fire pits are quite large and heavy without any way to disassemble them for more compact packaging so shipping them internationally is no doubt a huge logistical challenge. 

It’s also quite expensive. The Luxeve model I have is a whopping $1,899 which absolutely makes it the most expensive fire pit we’ve tested, by quite a big margin. It’s currently available to purchase from Breeo and Home Depot.

The Luxeve is Breeo’s premium firepit while the X-Series lineup keeps the same high-quality, smokeless design, just without the external ring and fancy colored glass. It comes in 19, 24, 30, and 42-inch sizes ranging in price from $399 to $2,800. 

They also offer a Y-Series fire pit which is the smallest of the lot and designed to be portable so you can take camping or to a friend’s house for the evening. 

For color options on the Luxeve, you can choose a White River, Bronze Vein (black), Earth Rust (brown), or Silver Vein (gray) for the exterior and Black, Dark Blue, Amber Brown, Crystal Clear, or Gray for the glass rocks. 

Breeo Luxeve Smokeless Fire Pit: Design

I appreciate the mostly understated design of the Luxeve Fire Pit. It’s round, as with most fire pits, and it’s made entirely out of Stainless or Corten Steel. There’s a lip that runs around the entire edge that sticks out about three to four inches that on all their other models allows for their range of cooking accessories to be attached.

Unfortunately, while the Luxeve is supposedly made out of Stainless Steel, I did notice significant rust appearing around the rim of my fire pit and on the lid after just a few uses. I used a metal brush in an attempt to get it off, but it did not work. Their warranty does claim to cover rust and states in part:

“We guarantee that your fire pit won’t rust through or burn through for up to 5 years after your purchase. If your product is covered by this warranty, we will repair or replace your product with a new one free of charge. If your product has been discontinued, you’ll receive a replacement of equal or lesser value.”

After reaching out to Breeo’s customer service, they responded to say that what I was experiencing was “natural steel weathering.” They also said the blue discoloration occurs at very high temperatures and ”the double-wall technology and secondary combustion will cause more discoloration on the rim.” They recommend using a high-grade sandpaper going with the grain of the steel to help remove some of the discoloration.

To be fair, the warranty states specifically about rusting through instead of just surface rust, so I guess there’s not much else to do. Also, I live in a particularly humid city (Houston, TX) which can contribute to rusting, particularly in a lower-grade steel like 304 Stainless Steel. Just note that apparently the surface rust and discoloration is entirely normal for this nearly $2,000 fire pit. Oh well. In light of this, I highly recommend picking up a cover for the firepit (Home Depot) to help stave off the rust as long as possible. 

breeo luxeve fire pit

(Image credit: Future / Jason Cockerham)

On the Luxeve, which is essentially a spruced up version of one of their X24 fire pits, they add a second metal ring covering the edge of the fire pit to make it look a bit more fancy and modern. You can get the ring in white, black, brown, or gray. Instead of using the lip for cooking accessories, they include a back of colored glass rocks to upscale the look even further. You can get the rocks in black, blue, brown, clear, or gray. 

black glass on the breeo luxeve fire pit

(Image credit: Future / Jason Cockerham)

On the bottom of the firepit is a big steel "X" welded to the inside. This is has air holes that allow the air to travel more freely to the bottom of the fire, thus helping contribute to the smokeless effect (which really does work). 

breeo luxeve showing X design

(Image credit: Future / Jason Cockerham)

For as nice as it looks, there are some downsides to this design. Firstly, it appears as if the metal ring around the outside is literally just slid over it into some notches in the legs. It feels like it will just slide off if I try to jimmy it off. I haven’t done it because as soon as I tried, the paint started to scratch against the legs and I didn’t want to mess with it beyond that. 

Secondly, there is nothing to keep the glass rocks in place other than gravity, and considering the metal ring just hangs out around the edge without being attached to the rim, the rocks slip down behind the wall pretty easily, especially if you ever need to move it. And since the rocks aren’t secure in there, it’s super easy for babies and kids to take them off and attempt to eat them (trust me, it’s my 1-year-old daughter’s new favorite game). 

Pro tip: mixing some sprayable glue with water and covering the rocks with it helps keep them nicely in place. 

More than the luxury design, the standout feature of the Luxeve - and all Breeo fire pits - is that it’s smokeless. According to Breeo, fire smokes due to lack of heat, lack of oxygen, or using the wrong fuel, so to combat the smoke, Breeo designed three specific aspects of their fire pits:

There’s some fancy physics involved with all of this, but essentially Breeo is just opening up more ways for the fire to continually reheat itself and burn off any excess smoke. I won’t spoil it yet by telling you whether or not it works (you’ll have to keep reading for that), but it’s a clever design either way.

This fancy design also has an unfortunate downside: the outside of the fire pit gets very hot. Obviously, I don’t ever recommend touching the outside of a fire pit while the fire is burning, but if you’ve got kids running around, it adds an extra layer of concern and watchfulness. It also makes cleaning it out a tad more annoying, but I’ll get to that in a bit. 

Overall, I really like the design. It’s sophisticated and modern without being garish or unsightly in any way. I do wish the outer ring somehow attached or clipped to the lip, but it’s also not meant to be moved very often, if at all, so I get why they did it.

Score: 4.5 out of 5

Breeo Luxeve Smokeless Fire Pit: Key specs

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Model name:Breeo Luxeve
Inside diameter:24 in.
Outside diameter: 33 in. (36 in. with legs)
Inside height:12 in.
Total height15 in.
Weight:123 lbs. (136 lbs. with glass)
Material:304 Stainless Steel

Breeo Luxeve Smokeless Fire Pit: Performance

There are few different ways to build a fire but the end result is the same: burning wood. I personally like to start my fires with a small Teepee made of twigs and kindling in the center that I sometimes stuff with newspaper if I’m in a bit of a hurry. Then, I’ll add large sticks - about three to four inches in diameter - perpendicularly in a log-cabin style design around the outside of the Teepee. 

This is how I started every fire in the Luxeve and I never had an issue with the fires not starting or not catching well after being lit. Of course, there are a lot of other factors involved in whether or not a fire catches and stays lit, but a well-built fire pit can significantly help. The X shape design at the bottom allowed air to flow well under my Teepee and the thick round shape kept any wind from trying to blow it out. 

I used a mixture of crepe myrtle, pinion, juniper, pine, and oak in the Luxeve and everything I used burned great without any issues. Now, even with all those fancy physics Breeo uses in their design, there is no way to never have any smoke at all when building a fire. The smokeless claim comes from the idea that once the fire is hot and burning, you won’t be smothered by a face full of smoke (there’s nothing more annoying than trying to enjoy a nice evening around a fire and having to move you chair every few minutes to get out of the smoke).

breeo luxeve firepit lit

(Image credit: Future / Jason Cockerham)

In my testing, I found the smokeless claim holds up well. There was smoke when I was getting the fire lit, (you can’t remove physics entirely from the equation), but once the fire got going, I didn’t see any smoke. I saw the heat waves coming off, but that was it. 

While the ‘X’ design at the bottom attributes to the smoklessness of the Luxeve, it also makes the ash a bit trickier to clean out. In other fire pits I’ve had with mostly flat bottoms, I could simply use a shovel and scoop out the ash pretty quickly. That’s still possible here, but it’s a bit more tedious of a process. Breeo does make an ash shovel you could grab that might make it slightly quicker, but apparently patience is a virtue or something like that. 

breeo luxeve fire pit after a burn

(Image credit: Future / Jason Cockerham)

Once the fire has completely cooled down, it’s a good idea to put the lid on it, especially if you won’t be using it again for a while. 

breeo luxeve fire pit with lid on

(Image credit: Future / Jason Cockerham)

If you start to get hungry around the fire, you can throw on the Breeo Live Fire Pizza Oven and have a pretty awesome pizza night. 

Score: 5 out of 5

Breeo Live Fire pizza oven with pizza on pizza peel

Breeo Live Fire pizza oven with pizza on pizza peel (Image credit: Future / Jason Cockerham)

Breeo Luxeve Smokeless Fire Pit: User reviews

With the Luxeve being such a hefty investment, I spent some time looking into other user’s experiences of using the Luxeve and I found that, for the most part, their experiences mirrored my own. 

Most customers gave the Luxeve high marks as well with a 4.8 rating on Breeo’s site and a 4.7 on Home Depot’s (out of 108 and 21 reviews respectively), although it is worth noting that some of the reviews on the Home Depot website were collected as part of a promotion. However, many of the downsides I read in customer reviews echoed my own as well. The biggest complaint I found was about the glass rocks falling down between the rim or getting blown off the lip quite easily which, if you call, was one of my biggest frustrations with the Luxeve. 

The most common request for the Luxeve was for it to include the Breeo Spark Screen, which wasn’t as big of a deal for me as mine sits on an entirely brick and concrete patio, but I would agree. For what you’re paying for the Luxeve, it probably should be included. 

One odd thing I did not find was anyone else complaining about the amount of rust on their fire pit. I did find a couple of customer reviews that mentioned it, but no one seemed to have nearly as big of an issue with it as I’ve experienced. We will be sure to update this review if and when we hear back from them (we have contacted their PR team and customer service team with no response as of press time).

Should you buy the Breeo Luxeve Smokeless Fire Pit?

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Score card
Price & availabilityVery expensive and only available from a select few places.★★★
DesignExtremely well built with a modern, sophisticated look and useful features.★★★★★
PerformanceLives up to its claim and is easy to use.★★★★★

But it if...

You want a modern, luxurious fire pit

The sophisticated design of the Luxeve will easily class up almost any backyard.

You want a handcrafted, durable design

Every Breeo fire pit is hand-made in the US out of Stainless steel so you know it will last for years.

You want a smoke-free fire experience

Breeo’s claims to be smokeless really hold up. There’s some when starting the fire, but once lit you won’t see any. 

Don't buy it if...

You're looking for something compact

The Luxeve is big and heavy and absolutely not meant to move around once set up.

You have a limited budget

The Luxeve is very expensive. Unless you're willing to make a hefty investment in your backyard experience, look elsewhere. 

How does the Breeo Luxeve Smokeless Fire Pit compare?

There’s certainly no shortage of fire pits out there so you can find one to fit almost any situation. If you want something nice for you backyard setup you can enjoy with friends that’s much more toned down, the Solo Stove Bonfire 2.0 is a great option that’s also significantly cheaper. 

There’s also something like the East Oak Mini Tabletop fire pit that, as the name suggests, is perfect for sprucing up the backyard table at dinner time. It can use both regular wood and wood pellets, which our tester found to be much easier to use, and the ash tray makes for quick and easy maintenance. 

Lastly, if you’re looking for more of a live-fire cooking experience, aside from Breeo’s other fire pits, the BioLite FirePit+ was well liked by our tester. 

How I tested the Breeo Luxeve Smokeless Fire Pit

I used the Breeo Luxeve Smokeless Fire Pit in my backyard for about six weeks. In that time, I lit about five or six fires using a variety of different wood. I built all my fires the same way, with a small center Teepee made of twigs and kindling with a larger log cabin of thicker logs laid around it. 

Aside from some smoke while getting the fires lit, we never saw or felt any smoke coming off the fire once it was up and running. 

Read more about how we test

First reviewed May 2024

Jason Cockerham
TTR Contributing Editor

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