Laundry room ideas: how to maximize your space

Laundry room ideas: how to maximize your space
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Looking for laundry room ideas? Well, we've got all the tips you need to organize your space, no matter how small, and add some stylish touches to tie your laundry room in with the rest of your home. 

The laundry room is used by every person in the house, so making sure it's well laid out will make it easier to keep it in good condition. That means you can wave goodbye to the mountains of unwashed laundry that build up seemingly out of nowhere, and turn your laundry room into a space you actually enjoy spending time in. 

While our laundry room ideas will help you to come up with unique organization tips and tricks, what's right for your space will depend on the style you want to achieve, and the specific dimensions of the room. The best interior design software can help to map out your specific space, but for the best laundry room ideas, just keep reading. 

1. Laundry room ideas: Add a shelf

Many of the best front load washers and best dryers are stackable, which is a great way of maximizing space in a small laundry room. If you place your washer and dryer side by side though, you may have some space on top of the machines that could be put to good use.

Installing a shelf that can sit, elevated, above your washers and dryers can create a counter-style surface that will allow you to place detergent and softener on display. 

Of course, this won't apply to the best top load washers, but if you do have top-loading machines we still have plenty of tips for you! 

2. Laundry room ideas: Display your detergent in style

Glass jars and dispenser bottles can be a stylish addition to your laundry room. They're perfect for filling with laundry pods or detergent, and will give you easy access when you do the washing. 

If your family has different detergent preferences you can even label your bottles with the various scents and be rid of the different branding and packaging in favor of a mode co-ordinated display. 

You can buy a rolling cart to store your various laundry essentials, and even place it between your washer and dryer for easy access. 

If you do use this tip, make sure your detergent is still well out of the way of kids. 

Another tip is to use a tissue box cover to give you access to dryer sheets, which makes them easy to use and offers you a range of display options. 

Laundry room ideas: how to maximize your space

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3. Laundry room ideas: Add an ironing space 

Ironing boards are some of the most difficult items to store in your home because they're tall and bulky. But there is no better space to store an ironing board than in your laundry room. 

Creating a dedicated space to store your iron and board will make them easier to access, which can help you when staying on top of the laundry, and make it easier to store away after use. 

4. Create a space for dirty laundry

Save goodbye to piles of unsorted laundry by creating a hamper system. Many opt for a hamper that comes on wheels because it is easy to move around the laundry room, and opting for one with black metal features can create an industrial style that pairs well with a clothing rack and fold-down ironing board.

Ideally, you should choose a hamper with space for different types of laundry. Some go for the classic lights, darks, and colors separators to make sure that your color won't bleed when washing. Other options include bedding, towels, and delicates, which makes it less likely for that precious wool sweater to be shrunk in the wrong wash cycle. 

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5. Communicate easily with a chalkboard

It's easy to find chalkboard wallpaper at home or paint stores. You can create a border using tape and installing a feature wall with chalkboard wallpaper, or even buy a traditional chalkboard and then frame it. 

With a chalkboard wall, you can then write reminders of whose turn it is to do the chores, make reminders when it is time to buy more detergent, or simply leave nice messages for your family. They are great for making a feature wall in your laundry wall, and can add some fun to what is often a boring part of the day. 

6. Laundry room ideas: Use the exterior of your washing machine 

Lacking in storage options? Even if you have a top-loading washer and dryer or a stacked display, you can create storage space by sticking adhesive hooks to the side of your machine. Use this to hold a crate or hamper where you can store stain remover, detergent, and softener. 

These hooks can also be used to store brooms and fold-away ironing boards, and will keep your essentials out of reach when not in use. 

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7. Laundry room ideas: Add a wall-mounted drying rack 

It's easy to find wall-mounted drying racks online, and while they may not be the most visually appealing, they can be invaluable when drying bulky items like sheets and towels. 

Some people even add clothing racks and hangers to their laundry rooms, meaning you can hang shirts and pants up before and after ironing to prevent them from wrinkling. If you don't have the space for a permanent rack though, wall-mounted racks can fold away when not in use and can even go above a washer or dryer if you lack the wall space. 

8. Laundry room ideas: Add some storage

The laundry room can be the most convenient space to store guest towels and spare sheets, and they'll stay smelling great thanks to the constant washing and drying you do in the room. 

Add open shelving to display your perfectly stacked and folded towels and sheets. You can even label the various shelves to make sure you choose the right size sheets for your bed, or keep track of which towels are for the beach, and which are indoor towels. 

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