Leesa mattress deals 2024: discover how to save on the best sleep of your life

Leesa mattress deals
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Tired? Well, you may need to check out these Leesa mattress deals  — you could find a brand new mattress for a great price, that will improve your sleep tenfold, leaving you feeling bright and ready for the world in the morning. 

Leesa is a US-based sleep company specializing in all-foam and hybrid beds and they're one of our top picks for the best mattress, because of their affordability and high-quality mattresses. But don't just take our word for it; a quick visit to their website, and you'll see that they get 20,000+ 5-star customer reviews.

We'll keep this page updated all year round, so that when there's a major shopping event in the pipeline, like Black Friday, we'll add those deals right here so that everything is at your fingertips — helping to save you time and money when you shop. 

Leesa mattress deals 

Where to find the best Leesa mattress deals?

Head on over to the Leesa website to shop direct with them, or you can find Leesa mattresses with certain retailers like Amazon and Home Depot.

We've provided some handy quick-links (above), so you can jump straight to where you want to shop. We would always recommend taking a look at the brands' website first for the latest discounts and best chance chance of getting the mattress you want. Then, head to Amazon and / or Home Depot to see if they're running any alternative offers on new and (slightly) older stock.

When to shop to get a good Leesa mattress deal?

Mattresses are pretty expensive, so for a big purchase like this one, we suggest waiting until a major shopping event or public holiday comes around, like Presidents' Day or Black Friday.

We've got more suggestions on those deals further down the page, as the time of year that you choose to shop can sometimes affect the price of what you're buying.

That said, your health is definitely the most important thing: if your mattress is broken, with rusty springs visible or it's actually causing you back pain, absolutely do not wait or hesitate to upgrade to a new one. You can't put a price on your health or wellbeing, and sleep is of the utmost importance. 

Presidents' Day Leesa mattress deal

Leesa often run a sale for Presidents' Day, with decent percentage off their excellent range of mattresses, and bundles that could see you save on pillows and bases too.

Are Black Friday Leesa mattress deals any good? 

You know they will be - big ticket items like mattresses that often cost more anyway, will see bigger reductions during Black Friday, so you're guaranteed to save.

It's a perfect time to bundle your bedding needs and shop for mattresses, toppers, pillows — whilst you may end up spending a lot, a large one-off purchase during Black Friday will still save you more than shopping outside of sales season. 

Are there good Labor Day Leesa mattress deals?

Yes. Leesa runs sales for smaller shopping holidays too, like President's Day and Labor Day. While these deals are good, they may not be as reduced as what's on offer for Black Friday, however, as I mentioned earlier, they are still a great opportunity to buy and save on a mattress, especially if you need to get a new one because your old one is busted. It's still definitely worth investigating what they offer for Labor Day.

End of year/after Christmas Leesa mattress deals

Because Black Friday is so well marketed and causes such a shopping frenzy, by the time you get to the after Christmas sales at the end of December and very early January, you're left with whatever stock is left over and unsold — this potentially means that these mattresses will have huge discounts on them, which is great, but to ensure you get one, especially the one you want, then we'd recommend shopping earlier during Black Friday whilst stock isn't so limited. 

Can you get Amazon Prime Day Leesa mattress deals?

As with all Prime Day sales, you have to be a member and have an active Amazon Prime membership in order to benefit from these deals.

So although Leesa is stocked by Amazon, unless you are a member, you won't be able to snap up any special Leesa mattress deals on Prime Day.

Leesa mattress deals: FAQs

What is a good price for a mattress?

Wondering how much does a mattress cost? The prices can vary, so depending on the quality that you're looking for, you can find a mattress between $500-$850 at the lower end of the price scale, but the quality and durability might be questionable, particularly if you want to invest well and avoid re-purchasing another mattress within five years. There's a risk of cheaper mattresses using low-quality materials like polyester that can cause sweating and rashes, especially on sensitive skin or children. 

That's not to say though that ALL inexpensive options are bad, for example: Leesa's original mattress retails for only $849 at full list price, and is sometimes on sale for as low as approx. $600 - and that's still an award-winning mattress that's highly rated on Leesa's website. So it's just a case of doing your research. 

For a better sleep experience and guaranteed durability, you're looking at $2500 plus at the higher end of the quality scale, especially if you want luxury comfort or one of the best cooling mattresses

Which Leesa mattress to go for?

Obviously, this is a tricky question, as there's so much choice on offer, but if you head to the Leesa website, you can compare models to help you choose between them. 

The Studio is the affordable model in the range, and is designed to be your first step into the world of Leesa mattresses if you have a smaller budget. There are three foam layers in total, including an all-important breathable top layer of memory foam, plus a middle layer that works hard to reduce pressure on your hips, neck and back during sleep.

If your budget extends a little further, we’d steer you in the direction of the medium-firm Leesa Hybrid, a memory foam and pocket coil spring mattress that occupies that sweet spot between ample features and a reasonable price. The Hybrid suits pretty much all sleep positions too, making it a versatile performer for couples sharing a bed. The hybrid is swaddled in a breathable cover to wick away moisture - no more clammy skin for you.

Don’t forget that the brand offers a 100-night trial and free shipping in the States, and each Leesa comes with a 10-year limited warranty.

Is Leesa right for me?

Unsure if Leesa is right for you? Then take a look at our roundups of the Purple mattress deals and discounts and the best Casper mattress deals to save on a bed-in-a-box. For luxury sleep for less, try the best Saatva mattress discounts and deals.

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